Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year mane...2017 Here We Are!!! [10 YEARS STRONG]

Yo yo yo...

What's poppin world mane?

Happy New Year kinfolks.

ThaOvaground.com has been going through some changes but we're still moving. It was a very productive 2016...dope projects were dropped. We even got some coverage from some other sites last year.

But, even though alot of folks have left the blog world...ThaOvaground.com has been going for 10 YEARS STRONG!!!!! So, thanks to everybody that has commented, shared and/or followed the blog from all of its incarnations.

So, check us out this year mane.

We are gonna do it BIGGER AND BETTER!!!!!

So, stay tuned mane.


Thursday, November 10, 2016


2DEEP which consists of High Ruler King Cane & Pharoh Blac Prince L’Daialogue DiCaprio are releasing their latest project entitled Man (I.Am.A.Man). The project is produced entirely by MiZUnderstatistic and is another musical ride through the avenues and boulevards of their hometown Memphis, Tennessee.

With the singles, “Anyways Errday”, “Money Is The Mission” and the powerful title track “I.Am.Man”, this album is sure to be a certified street classic. 

Check it out NOW!!!!

The tracklisting & link is below. 



MAN (I.Am.A.Man)

1.    I.Am.Man Intro 
2.    Anyways Errday 
3.    Money Is The Mission 
4.    PLANS 
5.    We Ain't Bred The Same 
6.    Come Around 
7.    Mac Head Interlude 
8.    No Man Can Take Me Out 
9.    2 And A Quarter 
10.   With Da Boss 
11.   A Lotta Hustle 
12.   Its A Shame To Let That Thang Go 
13.   Laid Back 
14.   Quit Hatin On Me
15.   I.Am.Man 
16.   Cane and Dai Go Getems 
17.   Whats Wrong [BONUS TRACK]* 

All Tracks Produced, Mixed & Arranged by MiZUnderstatistic & 
L’Daialogue DiCaprio for The Clazzikal Clazzik Team/Affillieated 
Vischunz/DRDP Productions/ Green Leaf Productions/ Reba’s Furst 
Born (ASCAP) 

Cuts on Track 3 by DJ R-Tistic 

Cover Design by KiloDesigns 

Recorded @ Mama’s House / 2DEEP Studios in Memphis, Tennessee 



Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Memphis emcee duo 2Deep (High Ruler Warlord King Cane & Pharoh Mista Blac Prince L'Daialogue DiCaprio) has put out alot of music throughout the years and they are rounding out 2016 with a new project titled 2Deep4Keeps.com

This promotional project is compilation of original songs & remixes from various 2DEEP projects over the years leading up to their next full length project MAN (I.Am.Man) COMING VERY SOON!!!

Check it out. The link is below. 


Friday, September 30, 2016

L'Daialogue- 3 8 1 2 7 The Drum [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW ALBUM]

3 8 1 2 7 The Drum is the third installment of L’Daialogue’s 3 8 1 2 7 series. The project is produced entirely by in-house producer MiZUnderstatistic.

The project continues in the tradition of his 3 8 1 2 7 projects with older lo-fi inspired soul-based production with an emphasis on dope lyrics. With introspective cuts like “In Crowd”, “Lil RICO” and “See Things Different” set alongside harder cuts like “Southern Heritage Clazzik ‘16” and “Al Jazerra”, 3 8 1 2 7 The Drum takes you on sonic ride down his old neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee in a grandiose 808-based fashion.

The project features High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP), Babi Memphiz NKA Mac Head and Geechie Boy Nailz with production from On1 Ne, Rick Flare and Remix God Suede. 

Check out the streaming links below. Download link is on Bandcamp!!! Stream it or download it NOW!!!!




L'Daialogue BLENDS Beat Showcase Presented by Roseville Music Group [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW EVENT]


A few weeks ago, I participated in a beat showcase in Los Angeles put on by BLENDS sponsored by Roseville Music Group headed by producer Illmind.

Here's some video and pictures from that event. Shouts out to Stacy Lemus and Professor KG for hosting this event. Photos by @Mavthe3rd.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Mr. J'ai- EPiphany: Moments Before Clarity [NEW ALBUM] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Anddddd we're back mane,

What's good? ThaOvaground.com is back in full effect with NEW music on deck.

Up to bat is Tygah Woods' founder & Baton Rouge native Mr. J'ai with his latest release EPiphany: Moments Before Clarity.

Check out this write up for more insight on this release:

In the aftermath the deadliest summer Baton Rouge, LA has ever experienced, Mr. J'ai offers a heartfelt inspirational hip-hop album to motivate, comfort, and provide clever insights to the people coping with these trying times.

This project is giving inspiration to the streets of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and J'ai's lyricism shines through perfectly. 

This project has production/engineering & features from D. Francis, Geoffery "G" Griffin, Ron North, Scott Dream, L'Daialogue DiCaprio, DJ Mizunderstatistic, Inner Recess Studios, Mr. J'ai, and Kevin Mclin. 

Definitely check out the tracklisting after the jump and download the full project on Mr. J'ai's bandcamp NOW!!!!


Mr. J'ai 

EPiphany: Moments Before Clarity


1. Craig's Theme (Sing A Song Intro) 01:36
2. Everyday feat. CJ 03:44
3.What I Do 03:01
4.Music feat. G and LoveNPain 04:46
5.The New Jesse (Too Black for BET) 02:24
6.Black American Idol feat. Marcel P. Black (Extended Version) 04:02
7.You feat. L'Daialogue DiCaprio 03:36
8.Coin Heaven 2 (A Flood Song) feat. L'Daialogue DiCaprio 05:02
9.I'm Cool feat. L'Daialogue DiCaprio and Slangston Hughes 03:51
10.Never Gonna Leave 03:12
11.Sing A Song Prelude 01:33
12.Sing A Song (Something's Missing) 03:36
13.Unorthodox Orthodox feat. Good Friend 05:17

Executive Producer: Aubrey "Mr. J'ai" Jones
Mastering: D. Francis
Studio Engineers: D. Francis, Geoffery "G" Griffin, Ron North, Scott Dream, L'Daialogue DiCaprio, DJ Mizunderstatistic, Inner Recess Studios, Mr. J'ai, and Kevin Mclin

Art work and Photography: Mr. J'ai

Monday, July 18, 2016

Alfred Banks- Got These (Produced by CZA) / Mr. J'ai- Everyday feat. CJ (Produced by Ron North) [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

What's good mane?????

The new music just KEEPS coming in!!!!!

Here are 2 NEW tracks from Tygah Woods' affiliates' Alfred Banks & Mr. J'ai.

The first single is from Alfred Banks titled Got These?, produced by CZA and the second is from Mr. J'ai titled Everyday feat. CJ, produced by Ron North.

Both of these tracks are BANGERS with 2 distinctive flavors. Banks, coming fresh off his European tour and starring in a Volkswagon commercial has a slow stomping CZA banger in his track Got These? while J'ai's Everyday feat. CJ has an inspirational upbeat tone a soulful Ron North production.

Run these tracks back to back alllllll this week mane and check the links up top!!!


Sunday, July 17, 2016


Yo, yo...

Back at it with ThaOvaground.com and a few days ago a cold project came through my email.

Of course it had to be D. Francis of the Tygah Woods fame with his latest project titled Real Growth.

Labeled by Mr. J'ai as "the most consistent Tygah Woods member", this project is a very introspective set dedicated to the memory of his uncle Sam Richard James II and in the words of D. Francis "This Is My Realization On Life And My Personal Ups & Downs...This Is The Real Growth LP"

This project is available on his Bandcamp for $5 dollars. Support real Hip-Hop coming out of the Crescent City!!!! The link is below. #tygahwoods


DOWNLOAD LINK: https://dfrancis.bandcamp.com/album/real-growth

Friday, June 10, 2016



Yo, yo yooooooo....

Here is some new instrumental heat from South Carolina's own beat extraordinaire Midi Marc titled Summer Heat.

Its been a while since you've probably heard from Marc but as you can see he's still creating some VERY dope soulful music. This mixtape is driving down the block, washing your car, straight cookout music. You gotta love it!

Click the soundcloud link above and stream away. You'll be glad you did.


Monday, June 6, 2016



What's good world???

You're ready to start your Monday off proper? Why not do it with this NEW Tygah Woods project I have here. They are definitely friends of ThaOvaground.com so check out the write-up and links below.

The streaming link will be available on 6/6 and the downloadable version will be available shortly thereafter.

So, definitely check it out right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #fistpumps 




For many groups especially in rap, the years of travelling, recording and literally being around the same people for such an extended time causes tension and is usually the underlying cause of many legendary breakups.

But with the New Orleans, Louisiana based supergroup Tygah Woods, their definition of being a group as a loosely formed collective has worked just fine for them as they come close to their 10th year in existence.  

And now they are back at it with their latest project entitled Tygah Woods Radio.

Tygah Woods Radio is inspired the internet radio show ran by Tygah Woods’ member D. Francis a few years ago. His radio station then which is the basis for his new station Nolineradio was amongst the first in premiering and supporting cutting edge independent artists in the Southern region in general & New Orleans area specifically.

Now, as we approach the summer 2016 it is time for the world to see what the whole collective has been working on since their critically acclaimed projects, Tygah Woods Invitational (Before The Masters) in 2014 and Go Hard Mixtape in 2009.

Mr. J’ai, J-Dubble, Blaze The Verbal Chemist, D. Francis, Slangston Hughes, Lyriqs The Lyriciss (now known as Alfred Banks), DJ Mike Swift, Rusty Lowdown the 6 Million Dollar Hypeman and Wes Beez are said to be the greatest group that the Crescent City has ever seen and Tygah Woods Radio is a testament to that statement.

The project is presented and mixed by DJ MiZUnderstatistic & L’Daialogue DiCaprio who are also affiliates of the Tygah Woods collective.

Monday, May 16, 2016

B-High: How One Atlanta DJ Is Quietly Documenting Memphis Rap History by D.M. Becton [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW VIDEO]

Article by: D.M. Becton

These days it is really hard to find a DJ on the radio that can keep your attention without all of the gimmicks and gossip. It almost protocol to be on the radio and talk about everything but music. But one DJ is breaking the mold on radio and beyond.

That DJ's name is B-High.

Brian ‘B High’ Hightower is one of the hottest DJ's at Hot 107.9 FM in Atlanta with ties to DJ Drama's Aphilliates movement (as a producer on Gangsta Grillz Radio) and Sirius XM Radio. He has the internet buzzing these days and for good reason.

With a resume of that caliber, you can also add: Southern rap archivist to that list and its all because of B-High's YouTube channel.

His YouTube channel is the Southern antithesis to many channels & podcasts that claim to represent Hip Hop but always seem to fall short when it comes to the in-depth coverage of Southern rap from a historical perspective.

What is great about B-High's channel is that he not only focuses on many new and up-and-coming artists but he focuses on legends of Southern rap music that are generally ignored by mainstream media.

His interview approach is very informed and it always seems to flow seamlessly as many artists open up to B-High as if he was one of their homeboys or friends that they have known their whole life.

Another thing that caught my attention is that B-High is a lover of underground Memphis rap music. Many of his videos featured not only the newcomers from Memphis but legends from like DJ Paul (of Three 6 Mafia), Tela, 8-Ball, Skinny Pimp and Playa Fly.

His channel is like holy manna from the sky for fans who have wondered about those rappers who are truly the pioneers to what is being played on the radio and popular music today.

In conclusion, I would suggest that you definitely check out his YouTube page and watch all of the videos especially the ones highlighting Memphis' finest. You will be glad that you did.


Slangston Hughes- Champion Song (Maxi-Single) [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

New Orleans' wordsmith, Tygah Woods' member and the self-proclaimed "Connoisseur of Fine Rhyme" Slangston Hughes has just released his OFFICIAL maxi-single for his hot new track "Champion Song".

This maxi-single features Kataalyst Alcindor & L'Daialogue DiCaprio on the vocals and remixes produced by N.O Bricks, Fo' On The Flo & MiZUnderstatistic.

Cop the maxi-single below at Slangston's bandcamp page and be on the lookout for his full length project coming later this year.

Also, check out the official CHAMPION SONG video below too.



1. Champion Song (Produced by N.O. Bricks) 02:48
2. Champion Song (Instrumental) 04:29
3. Champion Song (Acapella) 02:48
4. Slangston Hughes & Fo On The Flo - Champion Song feat. Kataalyst Alcindor 04:41

5. Slangston Hughes- Champion Song feat. L'Daialogue DiCaprio (MiZUnderstatistic Remix)* 05:00


L'Daialogue Interview on Urban Flosarus Radio [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

What's all the way good mane?

We're still getting it on over at ThaOvaground mane. We got some changes coming soon but for now, we're still rocking with the old interface and site hosting.

But yeah...Moose Harris' radio show URBAN FLOSARUS RADIO had L'Daialogue on the show a few weeks ago along with Rusty Redenbacher.

Now, we're finally posting it (humble apologies Moose lol) but we're well on the way to gaining 100+ listens and breaking a few records over at Podmatic. So, we will enclose the link below. 

But check out the write up on Urban Flosarus' Podmatic site: 

For the first time in a long time, I am able to have not one, but TWO special guests for this episode!
In the first hour, Indianapolis Music Legend, Artist, DJ, etc RUSTY REDENBACHER blesses us with a 30 minute mix entitled "Hip-Hop Heaven (in light of the recent passings of Hip-Hop Legends, both in 2016 and previously). 
In the Second hour, I have music and an interview with Memphis "InDAIpendent" MC and Businessman L'Daialogue DiCaprio. We talk about his extensive discography, his latest project, and his view on making things happen in this industry.



Part 1
1.High Neighbor (Producer Instrumental / Urban Flosarus Intro) by Frank D
2.Wishin' Part 2 by PRyme & Black Thought
3.Reconsider by A. Levy Featuring Skyzoo
4.Church by BJ the Chicago Kid Featuring Chance the Rapper
5.A Beautiful Song by Alfred Banks
6.Bless You by Alfred Banks
7.Time for That by Kevin Gates
8.70's Swagger (Producer Instrumental / End of Part 1) by Swelly
Part 2 - DJ Rusty Redenbacher Mix - "Hip-Hop Heaven"
9.Check The Rhyme by A Tribe Called Quest
10.They Reminisce Over You by Pete Rock & CL Smooth
11.Juicy by Notorious B.I.G.
12.It's So Hard by Big Pun
13.Mass Appeal by Gang Starr
14.I Get Around by Tupac
15.Straight Outta Compton by NWA
16.Ain't No Future in Your Frontin by MC Breed
17.Jump by Kris Kross
18.Nuttin' But Love by Heavy D
19.Shimmy Shimmy Ya by Ol' Dirty Bastard
20.Award Tour (End of Part 2) by A Tribe Called Quest
Part 3 - Interview With L'Daialogue DiCaprio
21.Self Esteem Featuring Moose Harris
22.Present a Specific Plan
23.Restore The Feeling
Part 4
24.Let Go by Mr. Lif Featuring Selina Carrera
25.Melody by Klutch
26.Watch That Bull by Cupid
27.Pop Style by Drake Featuring The Throne
28.Vibe to This by K. Toomer
29.Wake Up by Boosie Badass Featuring Pimp C
30.No More Parties in LA (End of Part 4) by Kayne West Featuring Kendrick Lamar

Friday, April 1, 2016

L'Daialogue- Initiate.Movement 3 (Mixed by DJ R-Tistic) [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


Memphis, Tennessee lyricist L'Daialogue DiCaprio is back at it again with his award-winning DJ, DJ R-Tistic and his third installment of his Initiate.Movement series titled Initiate.Movement 3.

This project features High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP), Mikal Stands, The League (P. Cool + Mitchy Mitch) & Iceberg Theory.

This project also features production from MiZUnderstatistic, Bazooka Joe and Drumboy.

Check out the project now EXCLUSIVELY STREAMING on Audiomack (and is now FOR DOWNLOAD ON BANDCAMP). Download it NOW!!!!!



Initiate.Movement 3 Tracklisting:

1. Da LDaitro Movement Intro 3 (Produced by DJ R-Tistic)
2. Present A Specific Plan feat. Barack Obama (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
3. 1 2 3 Points (Ballin G) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
4. 2 Be Honorable feat. Mikal Stands (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
5. Money Is The Mission feat. High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
6. Netflix and Chill (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
7. Luck B A Lady (Hope She Lucky 4 Me) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
8. Sickamore Instrumentals (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
9. Ovaground Interlude (UGK4Eva) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
10.Rideshare (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
11.So Called Friends (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
12.Club Politics Pt. 1 (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
13.On Notice feat. The League (P. Cool + Mitchy Mitch) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
14.Restore The Feeling (Produced by Bazooka Joe)
15.Truth Serum feat. Iceberg Theory (Produced by Drumboy)

***BONUS TRACK- (1) North Memphis Parties In L.A
***BONUS TRACK- Initiate.Movement 3 (DJ R-Tistic Extended Mix)

Produced by MiZUnderstatistic for Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions/
Reba's Furst Born (ASCAP) unless otherwise noted.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lyrikill & Kid Infamous- Leaderless [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Awwww yeah, 

We're about to take it back to some New Orleans based boom bap rap!!!!

Here is lead single titled Leaderless from New Orleans' emcee Lyrikill from his upcoming album "Eat 2: Steaks Iz High" The project will be produced entirely by Kid Infamous piggybacking off their critically-acclaimed project Eat that was released last year. 

It's sounds like its gonna be a cooooooold summer. But everybody eats B!!!

Check it out!!!


Mr. J'ai- Black American Idol Pt. 1 featuring Marcel P. Black [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Baton Rouge emcee Mr. J'ai is coming off of Spring Break 2016 with a powerful new single titled "Black American Idol" featuring Marcel P. Black.

The track was produced by AWNP Beats and is the lead single off of J'ai's upcoming project EPhiphany: Clarity 2.0 that's coming VERY soon.

Check it out NOW!!!! It's Ovaground certified!!!!


"Black American Idol" is the State of the Union Address for the hip hop community. Mr. J’ai and Marcel P. Black unite to discuss the music’s impact on the Black community in America, problems, and solutions in hip hop music through straight forward, heartfelt rapping. Sonically, "Black American Idol" features a rugged, hard-core beat and shades of a Public Enemy-styled anthem without the hooks and chants. The back to back lyrical performances of each emcee sounds like a battle, but the song actually represents an intellectual debate on issues most mainstream rappers are afraid to discuss on a record. Mr. J’ai says, “The whole concept focuses on the elements many rappers glorify and the way listeners are mislead (specifically our children). As leaders, we have the power to change these perceptions and refocus our priorities. Rap music is powerful, everyone wants a part in it, but never sell your soul to become a Black American Idol.”

Alfred Banks- A Beautiful Prelude EP (Produced by CZA) [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Yo, yooooo...

Alfred Banks (formerly known as Lyriqs Da Lyriciss) is having a heck of a 2016!!!!

He's been voted by Complex as one of the Top 10 emcees from New Orleans and is set to headline his own tour (The Beautiful Tour) in the next few weeks.

But even before these things pop off, Banks has just dropped an EP titled A Beautiful Prelude EP produced by CZA.

The 3-track EP has been making its rounds (even being featured on his emcee kindred spirit Charles Hamilton's website) and we here at ThaOvaground.com is up next on deck to feature this project here.

You can get the project anywhere but when ThaOvaground stamps your project, it's DEFINITELY official.

Check out the link below and make sure you leave some comments and let Alfred Banks know what you think about it.


A Beautiful Prelude EP chronicles the pain and aftermath of Alfred Banks' brother Orlandas Banks' death after battling Schizophrenia. 
 As Alfred prepares for the funeral, he writes a heartfelt letter & reminisces on all the good & bad times they shared. This project caught the attention of XXL Freshman Charles Hamilton & he debuted it on his official website. 
Alfred plans to help shed a light on such a stigmatized topic in our society and reach out to others who are experiencing the same struggles everyday.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

L'Daialogue- North Memphis Parties In L.A [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW TRACK]

Yo yo yoooooooo,

Check out the latest track from L'Daialogue reworking Kanye West's "No More Parties In L.A" to "North Memphis Parties In L.A" merging the worlds of the West Coast through the eyes of the North Memphis emcee.

Stream it now on Soundcloud and be on the lookout for his latest project, Initiate.Movement 3 coming very, very soon!!!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

DJ Bazooka Joe- Live From The 120 Minute Era (Side 1 & Side 2) [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

Live From the 120 Minute Era Side One

Live From the 120 Minute Era Side Two

Kickin off the New Year in style...check out this fiyah mix from NYC's
own DJ Bazooka Joe titled "Live From The 120 Minute Era" Side(s) 1
& 2. Joe is definitely taking it back to the era when a mixtape was
really a cassette tape that was had mixed and scratched songs on it.
Its even got an EXCLUSIVE L'Daialogue track so listen close...shouts
out to GPNYC!!!

Stream both sides and enjoy!!!!- MiZUnderstatistic  


Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!!! Kickin off 2016 right!!! [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

As we keep it moving...

Happy New Year to all ya'll!!!

ThaOvaground.com is doing better and better year over year and 2016 is no different!

Usually we kinda do an ode to the year before giving a short rundown of the accomplishments from the camp but this year...we just gonna keep moving but in silence.

We wanna let our moves talk. We got a new interface coming soon and we have some new goodies coming up to make the site more interactive.

Also, L'Daialogue has some new music coming soon so you definitely gotta be on the lookout for that. So, watch us grind this year and catch the tally at the end of 2016.

Stay tuned and thanks for your support mane. 2016 is gonna be a great year!!!!!


Monday, November 23, 2015

L'Daialogue- 3 8 1 2 7 The Extendo Clip [NEW MUSIC] [NEW PROJECT] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

As a sort of extended version of the project L'Daialogue dropped in 2014, 3 8 1 2 7...L'Daialogue is coming back around again with his latest rework of that project titled 3 8 1 2 7 The Extendo Clip.

3 8 1 2 7 The Extendo Clip is an ode to his neighborhood Frayser (as known as "The Bay Area"). The project is produced ENTIRELY by in-house producer MiZUnderstatistic with the exception of "Small Town Big City" produced by Rick Flare from The Beat Arkitekz.

The project is also inspired by the old-school vintage flavor of a bygone Memphis production era utilizing the older analogue sounds and soul samples. Also, it lends nods to legendary Memphis producers/DJs DJ Sound, DJ Spanish Fly, DJ Zirk, producer Blackout and DJ Squeeky.

The project features High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP), Babi Memphiz, Empera Bookie, Rico 2 Timez, O-Bezzle, Snootie Wild and actress Elise Neal.

The project is available now on Audiomack, Datpiff AND Bandcamp.

Check it out and cop it IMMEDIATELY!!!!


Sunday, November 22, 2015


Man, man mannnn,

Its a lot of good music dropping these days especially from some friends of ThaOvaground.com.

Up to bat is the Tygah Wood affiliate Blaze The Verbal Chemist with his latest offering 12 37. The New Orleans bred producer/emcee came with a 9-track project that was inspired by the birth of his daughter.

This project KNOCKS for reals. Definitely check it out the tracks now on Blaze's Soundcloud!!!!

With all of this new Tygah Woods affiliated music dropping in 2015...is 2016 the year we finally get a long player from the WHOLE squad???? We'll keep our fingers crossed and keep you updated on any developments.

*turns up Blaze's Soundcloud links to ridiculous levels*


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Slangston Hughes- Champion Song (Produced by N.O Bricks) [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

Yo, yo...

We have some new music from Slangston Hughes who is an old friend of ThaOvaground.com & affiliate of the Tygah Woods collective based out of New Orleans. His new track is titled "Champion Song" produced by N.O. Bricks and it is a certified banger!!!

Here's some extra info per his Soundcloud page: 
The motivational anthem was recorded in the Crescent City at The Hut Studios and touches on the rapper's position in the hip-hop community. As a veteran in the game Slangston chants, "I got my mind right, spirit right, braving the storm. Victory's in my clutches while I'm singing this song".

The lead single propels his momentum with the Spring Forward (EP) set to release later this year. In addition to recording new music, Slangston has been busy performing with live bands Fo On The Flo and MadFro. As a result of his hustle, he was named to New Orleans Local Love Tour sponsored by Revolt TV and provided opening support for Black Milk, Open Mike Eagle and Doomtree.

So, peep out the link below and get to clickin mane!!! Let's go!!!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

L'Daialogue- Initiate.Movement 2 (Mixed by DJ R-Tistic) FINAL LINKS [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC] [NEW PROJECT]


The #trackbytrack releases are over and the project Initiate.Movement 2 is in its complete form.

Now, for the streaming fans, the project is on L'Daialogue's Soundcloud page. Stream 'til your heart's content...we'll take those numbers too!

For the folks that want to cop the full project PLUS the bonus tracks, they can find them here: https://ldaialogue.bandcamp.com/album/initiate-movement-2 or here: http://www.audiomack.com/album/ldaialogue/initiatemovement-2.