Monday, June 6, 2016



What's good world???

You're ready to start your Monday off proper? Why not do it with this NEW Tygah Woods project I have here. They are definitely friends of so check out the write-up and links below.

The streaming link will be available on 6/6 and the downloadable version will be available shortly thereafter.

So, definitely check it out right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #fistpumps 




For many groups especially in rap, the years of travelling, recording and literally being around the same people for such an extended time causes tension and is usually the underlying cause of many legendary breakups.

But with the New Orleans, Louisiana based supergroup Tygah Woods, their definition of being a group as a loosely formed collective has worked just fine for them as they come close to their 10th year in existence.  

And now they are back at it with their latest project entitled Tygah Woods Radio.

Tygah Woods Radio is inspired the internet radio show ran by Tygah Woods’ member D. Francis a few years ago. His radio station then which is the basis for his new station Nolineradio was amongst the first in premiering and supporting cutting edge independent artists in the Southern region in general & New Orleans area specifically.

Now, as we approach the summer 2016 it is time for the world to see what the whole collective has been working on since their critically acclaimed projects, Tygah Woods Invitational (Before The Masters) in 2014 and Go Hard Mixtape in 2009.

Mr. J’ai, J-Dubble, Blaze The Verbal Chemist, D. Francis, Slangston Hughes, Lyriqs The Lyriciss (now known as Alfred Banks), DJ Mike Swift, Rusty Lowdown the 6 Million Dollar Hypeman and Wes Beez are said to be the greatest group that the Crescent City has ever seen and Tygah Woods Radio is a testament to that statement.

The project is presented and mixed by DJ MiZUnderstatistic & L’Daialogue DiCaprio who are also affiliates of the Tygah Woods collective.

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