Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!!! Kickin off 2016 right!!! [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

As we keep it moving...

Happy New Year to all ya'll!!! is doing better and better year over year and 2016 is no different!

Usually we kinda do an ode to the year before giving a short rundown of the accomplishments from the camp but this year...we just gonna keep moving but in silence.

We wanna let our moves talk. We got a new interface coming soon and we have some new goodies coming up to make the site more interactive.

Also, L'Daialogue has some new music coming soon so you definitely gotta be on the lookout for that. So, watch us grind this year and catch the tally at the end of 2016.

Stay tuned and thanks for your support mane. 2016 is gonna be a great year!!!!!


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