Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mr. J'ai- Black American Idol Pt. 1 featuring Marcel P. Black [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Baton Rouge emcee Mr. J'ai is coming off of Spring Break 2016 with a powerful new single titled "Black American Idol" featuring Marcel P. Black.

The track was produced by AWNP Beats and is the lead single off of J'ai's upcoming project EPhiphany: Clarity 2.0 that's coming VERY soon.

Check it out NOW!!!! It's Ovaground certified!!!!


"Black American Idol" is the State of the Union Address for the hip hop community. Mr. J’ai and Marcel P. Black unite to discuss the music’s impact on the Black community in America, problems, and solutions in hip hop music through straight forward, heartfelt rapping. Sonically, "Black American Idol" features a rugged, hard-core beat and shades of a Public Enemy-styled anthem without the hooks and chants. The back to back lyrical performances of each emcee sounds like a battle, but the song actually represents an intellectual debate on issues most mainstream rappers are afraid to discuss on a record. Mr. J’ai says, “The whole concept focuses on the elements many rappers glorify and the way listeners are mislead (specifically our children). As leaders, we have the power to change these perceptions and refocus our priorities. Rap music is powerful, everyone wants a part in it, but never sell your soul to become a Black American Idol.”

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