Friday, April 1, 2016

L'Daialogue- Initiate.Movement 3 (Mixed by DJ R-Tistic) [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


Memphis, Tennessee lyricist L'Daialogue DiCaprio is back at it again with his award-winning DJ, DJ R-Tistic and his third installment of his Initiate.Movement series titled Initiate.Movement 3.

This project features High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP), Mikal Stands, The League (P. Cool + Mitchy Mitch) & Iceberg Theory.

This project also features production from MiZUnderstatistic, Bazooka Joe and Drumboy.

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Initiate.Movement 3 Tracklisting:

1. Da LDaitro Movement Intro 3 (Produced by DJ R-Tistic)
2. Present A Specific Plan feat. Barack Obama (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
3. 1 2 3 Points (Ballin G) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
4. 2 Be Honorable feat. Mikal Stands (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
5. Money Is The Mission feat. High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
6. Netflix and Chill (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
7. Luck B A Lady (Hope She Lucky 4 Me) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
8. Sickamore Instrumentals (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
9. Ovaground Interlude (UGK4Eva) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
10.Rideshare (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
11.So Called Friends (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
12.Club Politics Pt. 1 (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
13.On Notice feat. The League (P. Cool + Mitchy Mitch) (Produced by MiZUnderstatistic)
14.Restore The Feeling (Produced by Bazooka Joe)
15.Truth Serum feat. Iceberg Theory (Produced by Drumboy)

***BONUS TRACK- (1) North Memphis Parties In L.A
***BONUS TRACK- Initiate.Movement 3 (DJ R-Tistic Extended Mix)

Produced by MiZUnderstatistic for Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions/
Reba's Furst Born (ASCAP) unless otherwise noted.


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