Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DOWNLOAD Snizzy's Simple Soul Beats (2009)

Finally....some Snizzy in this thang mane!!!!!

Surprises are coming in the next few months. Snizzy can tell ya'll better than me. Check below:

"Whattup world, it's been about 10 years and some change since i dropped off anything new, so i figured i'd drop this lil beat tape. How you like the cover? Dope ain't it? Anyway, these are a collection of beats i felt comfortable letting go while at the same time promoting myself, i have waaayy too many beats in the stash and it's time to let em go, instead of havin them couped up collecting dust. They are just no strings attached soul beats for peeps to listen to or even rap on, some of the tracks are tagged, but i tried to keep the majority of them without or just a few at the beginning. The tracks instrumentation are also kept within the same range, for mastering and tracking purposes, so if you hear some beats with the same drum or w/e it was prolly done intentionally. Anyway hope ya dig em, listen to em, kill em and w/e else. Just to have the oppurtunity for someone to hear what i've been making out of all this time being alone in that small hot azz bedroom is a relief. All i ask is that you just pass it along if you like it, peace."

Versatilities Gift 2, Coming September 2009.


DOWNLOAD Snizzy's Simple Soul Beats (2009)


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