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Sleepwalker Unite Interview: MIDIMarc

Check out this NEW MIDIMarc interview on the blog "Sleepwalker Unite". This is some real good stuff.



This showcase is so easy to write that I almost might not give it the justice it deserves. I mean MIDIMarc is Wal-Mart when it comes to producers making a name for themselves. He’s a one stop shop. Beats…got em…marketing and self promotion…on it…winning resume…got it…personality…got it. The guy even raps! The list goes on, but I need to slow down and fill you in on the back story.

I met MIDI for the first time around that 2003 era when us Columbia, SC cats were trying to put together albums. Anyone that knows MIDI knows that if you hang around him long enough you’re gonna lose quite a few calories from laughing! From our first meeting he’s always been a great person to be around and call your friend, but even then I could see his drive and determination just in his name. MIDI (space) Marc!

He got his name after the human interface component of a traditional instrument redesigned as a MIDI control device. Such a device provides a musical keyboard and perhaps other actuators (pitch bend and modulation wheels, for example) but produces no sound on its own. I know I had to school you real quick, but we’re back now. (lol) I had to respect him from the get go as a manipulator of tunes from his name, and his beats back him up.

Hustler is defined as an enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter. Indeed that’s basically what a Sleepwalker is, and MIDIMarc has proven himself over and over to be one! Just a week and a half ago I was back home in Columbia where I witnessed him win his 3rd SC Beat Battle! His remixes of Jay-Z, and Nas albums have brought him strong buzz and fans all over the globe (no joke).

What sets MIDI apart though is that he markets himself and his products so wisely you’d think he went to school for it. Whether it’s a comic character of himself on a flyer, carrying BEETS on stage at a BEAT BATTLE, blogging, or collaborating on mixtapes…MIDI will find a way to get his name out there and make you remember it. Although he may associate himself with other entertainment groups, MIDI really pushes on his own dime and his own steam. When other people would give up, he keeps pushing. When we sleep, he’s being productive! That’s why I’m 100% sure that the only thing that will stop this Sleepwalker is himself! If you haven’t already, you’ll definitely be hearing about him soon enough!

I asked MIDI the top 5 Sleepwalker questions and here’s what he said:

When did you first start Sleepwalking?
I've been doing things that gave people a glimpse of my interest in music my entire life. The memory that always stands out to me is the summer that Wu-Tang Forever came out. I was still too young for a summer job so I spent everyday listening to the album. I was already a fan of their music, but The RZA switched his style completely on that one. It sounded so good to me that I made up my mind that I wanted to make music forever. In short...I started Sleepwalking on June 3, 1997

What motivates you to keep going after your dream? The thought of changing my life for the better, and the lives of the people that are Sleepwalking with me.

Wake up: What have been some of the biggest challenges in going after your dream? Honestly, the biggest challenges I've had have involved me trying to motivate my friends to continue to Sleepwalk. I'm usually the one that people in my circle call for insight and inspiring words to keep going.

Don’t sleep on this: What’s one thing you have learned in your craft that fellow sleepwalkers shouldn’t sleep on? I've learned that "Who You Know" and "What You Can Do" are very important factors. Its important to get out there and meet the right folks, and its important to be good at what you do. Some people say its all "Who You Know", but trust me....being good at your craft will keep you around.

Top 5 accomplished sleepwalkers you admire in your craft and why?
1. 9th Wonder - For succeeding and keeping it Carolina since day one.
2. RZA - For taking sampling and song arrangement to a new level
3. Mannie Fresh - For really incorporating musicianship into his beats
4. DJ Paul and Juicy J - For continuing the Memphis sound and turning it into a pillar of southern production
5. Pete Rock, J Dilla, DJ Premier - i had to make 1 spot into 3..haha. But I admire these three for crafting styles that are synonymous with HipHop.

If you’re looking for beats, or miss the refreshing boom bap in Hip Hop beats then check this Sleepwalker out here:

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