Monday, July 27, 2009

MIXTAPE MONDAYS: A Letter To The Justus League/ TwentyNine/ Da' Shape Of Ya'


Here is a 3-song mix coming from L'Daialogue DiCaprio this week. Each song has a totally different theme and producer.

The first, MiZUnderstatistic produced "A Letter To The Justus League" is an ode to the North Carolina hip-hop collective Justus League. His unofficial commentary outlines the legacy and the collective's ultmate potiential. This song is moreso a wish to hear a collective album from a crew that boasts sales over 200,000 as a collective.

The second song is from an up-and-coming North Carolina native J-Snizzy produced "TwentyNine" which is featured on L'Daialogue's DJ Kenny Kaign's recent mixtape: Bluff City Daialogue 2. This soulful SWV sample along with L'Daialogue fierce lyrical flow is a perfect complement to J-Snizzy's smooth production.

The final track entitled "Da' Shape Of Ya'" is produced by South Carolina native MIDIMarc and is the first single from L'Daialogue's upcoming EP, InDAIpendent. MIDIMarc handles all of the production on this upcoming project as this song itself breaks down the demeanor of people into form of shapes with the same sharp lyrical lines that surrounds each of these songs.



A Letter To The Justus League :


Da' Shape Of Ya'

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