Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bluff City Daialogue 2 Producer's Corner: Lyrikill

Chuck "Lyrikill" Jones.

Read the name and take that literally. I have seen this man rock mic checks and battles for the last 10 years. He be killin' these rap He's personally one of the only people that has been on EVERY mixtape that I have released since 2003. Now, that's I have known him since I moved to New Orleans in 1999.

He's 1/5 of the New Orleans collective The Euphonetiks consisting of him, Pleon (now known as the production genius Crummy), Zach, OnSlaut and DJ Mike Swift. Currently, he's the founder of one the biggest beat battles in New Orleans, Soundclash. Also, although he trying to play it down...he's a damn good producer.

Now, I'm going to release 2 secrets about Lyrikill that the average cat may not know:

Secret #1: Lyrikill has like 2 solo albums FINISHED that were NEVER released to the public. I have one in my procession but that album definitely showed both sides of Lyrikill perfected although they were never released.

Secret #2: Me and Lyrikill was working on an album titled "Daiabolikill" a while back. The song "Fallback" is one of the tracks from that session. I always joke with him that that album is like our "Detox" joint. But, the premise was that I was going to produce half of the album and he would produce the other half. Although, we never finished it...this track was perfect for the Bluff City Daialogue 2 so I threw it on.


LINK: "Fallback" feat. Lyrikill of the Euphonetiks feat. Lyrikill of The Euphonetiks.mp3

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