Monday, June 15, 2009

Bluff City Daialogue 2 Producer's Corner: J-Snizzy

My dude Snizzy.

The first time I got wind of J-Snyder is when I heard his DOOM mixtape which had his alter-ego Shane Snyder rippin' over MF Doom instrumentals.

Now, we all know DOOM knows how to waste an instrumental (but that's my opinion)...but Snizzy was killin' them like nobody's business.

Fast forward to early 2009.

J-Snizzy loves to make beats and will play a batch at a time because he has that many on hand at any given moment. I was listening this time to his most recent project Versatilities Gift. Man, it was knockin' and I wanted some beats within that strain.

Snizzy hit me back (per email) and sent me like 5 beats and the one "Twentynine" stood out like crazy. He let me know that people were bidding for that one and he set it aside especially for me. He also advised "Dai, you better kill this one!" I hope I did.


LINK: L'Daialogue-Twentynine (Prod. by J-Snizzy)

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Anonymous said...

CRAZYYY How did u get a jsnyder beat? good shit!