Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tygah Woods...GOES L'DAIALOGUE???? What's this???

Hold up????

Does L'Daialogue have a new clique???? What is going on???

No, but this crew is actually my extended N.O. fam and the tightest collective in the city right now. Yes, "Tygah" Woods like the golfer. And yes, they GO HARD!

Mr. J'AI, J-Dubble, B.L.A.Z.E the Verbal Chemist, D.Francis, Slangston Hughes and the Legendary Dj Mike Swift...TYGAH WOODS!!!! (I'm going wild with these exclamation points tonite,

But, I'm hearing rumors of a L'Daialogue/Tygah Woods collabo COMING SUPER-DUPER SOON???? You will have to wait and see.


In the meantime...check out Tygah Woods in action:

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