Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Ole' Mardi Gras RACISM: The Classic Perception of New Orleans' Blacks by Whites

New Orleans is my 2nd home AND I have something to say to defend that city from any crazy comments about Katrina or whatever. But this video takes the cake and bakes it again.

So, they can come to New Orleans and talk about the people who built that city from the ground up? Blacks people are lazy and love to live in sub-standard conditions, etc. Come on people. This is 2009.

This is sooooooo sad. So sad. And all of them have on LSU shirts. That's crazy because my doubloon bet is that all of them (or most) are alum from LSU. Yeah, post-civil rights/ political correctness education my ass. This is madness.

And you wonder why it's so many people ignoring the city's plight. But they can bring their asses down to enjoy a cultural holiday (Mardi Gras) that was partly influenced by the way the Blacks in the area shaped it.

I hope they eat a poisoned King Cake. Lol..no, really.


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