Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MIDIMarc's Fresh Produce Week 4 featuring MIDIMom (He's killing it, mane)

*** Shouts out to MIDIMarc for these Fresh Produce joints, mane. This is what I ride to...straight MIDI snippets. Plus, I need to get back on my hosting game because MIDIMom is easily in the Top 10 for her "motherly" style and honest, blunt truth embedded in the beats. Check out the blog, though. ***

I'm Back!!!! This week we have an extra special guest. Yes ladies and mostly gentlemen (only a few female rappers on the email list) MIDI Mom is our host for this week. She took time out from telling me to get a real job to show her baby boy some support...she always supports everything I do..so its no surprise that she would agree to host this week joint. I told her that it was her chance to say every stereotypical hip-hop term she could think of on the spot..she did a good job...I think she even made a reference to raising the roof..HAHA

Once again...Emcees and Femcees...I present to you Week 4.

1. I Feel Like Crying - People ask where I get the names of my beats. Remember that you herd it here. All of my beats are named after the song I sampled

2. Season For Love - If you're not familiar with Willie Hutch...please please pleeeeassee...look him up. Hes one of my all time favorites.

3. Patience - God Bless synth!!!

4. The Shortest Distance - Laid Back...kinda reminds me of a ATLiens joint....I can really hear some vintage OutKast on the joint

Beats for the LO....and Speaking of LO....Heres A Shawtly LO Remix


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MIDIMarc said...

haha!!! yeah MIDIMom is the truth...more suprise host coming homie