Monday, September 15, 2008


*Straight off the homey Midi Marc's website...check my mane out. And's L'Daialogue...L' My nigga got the BEETS!!!!

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Whats goin on folks. I'm back once again with the Fresh Produce. This weeks joint is hosted by Mr. North Memphis Project Pat...he was busy wondering why people aren't buying "Walking Bank" roll (worst Pat album ever BTW) I got L'Daialogue Dicaprio from OvaGround Soundz. Special shouts out to him, and again thanks to everyone who is hitting me up on the email and on the cell. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD...thats gonna help me out even more than the money.....oh helps Anyone whos been watching the news and the gas stations has seen the prices go up. This is exactly why my beats are for the low. I have a lot of folks telling me not to sell the joints so cheap, but hell...folks need beats..and they don't have dough for these super high ass prices I see a lot of other folks charging for lame quality. Young Jeezy said it best.....who would've thought Jeezy would've ever said anything worth a - "Its a recession....err body's broke"

1. Its Down To That - Yall might notice a diffence and sound from here on out. I've been paid a visit by the ghost of Pimp C, so I've been using more organ.......and sipping he joking?

2. Average Guy - yeah..its called Average Guy..but its not for the Average're gonna need some skills to really put your stank on this...otherwise you'll just get a bunch of comments about the song like - "damn that beat is dope...who did that"

3. Here I Go Again - If yall are sleeping on Smokey Robinson....STOP IT!!! On top of him writing some of the greatest songs of all time..he makes them Here I Go Again with another banger.

4. Misunderstood - This Nina Simone sample has been used a nice bit, but I put a completely different spin on things....a little violin...and some synth made my cypher complete

5. Last but not least - Epic Horns - I had fun with this joint. It made the guy upstairs a little angry because it was late and the bass woke him up......sorry about

Bonus - Project Pat featuring Chrome - Raised In The Projects Remix

Once agian shouts out to the homie L'Daialogue for hosting this weeks joint. Make sure to check us out this January at the SEA Awards....DJ Dyce, DJ Cannon Banyon, DJ Shekeese The Beast, and yours truly are all nominated for awards. All of the beats posted in here are available and ready for a good home. The prices are low exactly...tell which joint you're trying to cop and we'll work something out.

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