Tuesday, September 23, 2008

L'Daialogue CO-SIGNS Jay Electronic-who?????


If you have been catching some of the new buzzing artists (other than myself), you should know that Jay Electronica is the next "IT" artist coming out of the South (New Orleans....Magnolia Projects, specifically). Jay Electronica has a resume going out of the door and a lot people don't even know that he is going after the job. And just because he's from the SOUTH does NOT mean that he is a "bling-bling, pistol-poppin'" rapper.

Homey is very progressive to me and I feel like this is the direction that the South is going in....so, check his stats up to now:

The very first track/production on Nas' Untitled (N*****)album...that was nothing...you know 250k sold. Wow...especially now.

A crazy buzz with his "What Tha' F*ck Is A Jay Electronica?" mixtape...a little something, something....over few thousand downloads....like upper-50k.

The Bayou Classic mixtape with Lil' Wayne....hearsay....but VERY INTERESTING HEARSAY. I can't wait until November then...

So, check out some words about the man with the official co-sign (and some shameless plugging of the new Bluff City Daialogue 2...GET THAT!!!!!!!!!):


Anonymous said...

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