Sunday, October 5, 2008


***The man Midi Marc is still cranking 'em out people....welcome to Week 5 of the Fresh Produce joints. This is more entertaining than watching Sarah Palin***


Whats goin on folks....sorry for the delay. Its not easy picking cotton all day and then finding time to make beats.

1. - Get It Get It.mp3

Just in case you haven't noticed..I'm a little synth happy these days.... i'm using the church organ alot also. Listening to Pimp C beats will put you in the mood for it. I know a lot of folks aren't familiar with his production, but fella would always take it to church

2. - New Generation.mp3

I had fun with this joint. I experimented with a different type of drum pattern and some sounds i normally wouldn't use....I think it came out dope....I'm anxious to see what emcee does what on it

3. - Nobody Else.mp3

Did someone say Soul?!

4. - Swag Bag.mp3

Gucci Mane's gonna sound great on this one.........when he gets out of jail

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