Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Why is 2008 is the year of the "Switch Hustles"?

Welcome to the year of completion, 2008. Well, people...it is safe to say that things can't get no worse (hopefully) than it was in 2007 (especially in music). But, rest assured...L'Dai got some new projects in the works that in the words of Lupe Fiasco "will [definitely] bring it back to the lyrics." So, strap on your seatbeat and enjoy the ride through the next 364 days mane. Trust, I got some heat for ya'...and some collaborations that will turn heads...

You better get your hustle up mane!!!!!!! And, if the hustles ain't work last year...you need to switch hustles 'cause it's real in the field. In the words of the GZA "Diversify your bonds n****!"

And for the rest of those guys that honestly assume that something will mysterously happen with the rap game and everything will be back to normal...you have another thing coming, homey. The mortgage industry is crumbling around us because the mortgage industry got greedy and wanted to exploit the people that claimed that they were going to help. So, they are going to suffer tenfold...

As for the music industry, they got greedy and wanted to exploit stereotypes and rely on "gimmicks" and tried to shove them down the throats of consumers and truly expected huge profits. Well, karma is going to bite them in the butt (and their pockets) and as for 2008...the rappers that was HOT last year....let's see what it is this time 2009, mane. I mean it was hard (other than Soulja Boy) for these other guys rappin' about "making it rain" while we as people were in a drought with rising mortgages and rising gas prices. In case rappers haven't noticed...we're still in the struggle AND for them forgetting that case in point...their pockets WILL FEEL THAT SAME STRUGGLE! Get some money now while people are downloading your projects before they hit the shelves.

So, it is what it is dude. Karma and real change...for everybody. Let's get this money people. It is our time. For the clicks and collaborators that was down for me in 2007. Holla at ya' boy and watch what blessings will come this time around.

R.I.P Pimp C...I will bring some social commentary back to the South.


L'Daialogue DiCaprio

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