Sunday, October 7, 2007

Across Linez Clazzik: THE NEW MIX ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is L'Daialogue's newest project with the Mixin' Vixen...Core DJ's own DJ Dimepiece entitled Across Linez Clazzik. Here is the official tracklisting w/ album artwork. Links are up, people!!!!!

MEMPHIS,Tenn.- Memphis emcee L'Daialogue DiCaprio and Ohio Mixtape DJ Personality DJ Dimepiece "The Mixin' Vixen" has teamed up for a new mix album project entitled "Across Linez Clazzik" that is sure to make waves in the game, the likes not seen since Gangsta Grillz DJ Drama and Young Jeezy's collaboration on the "Trap or Die" mixtape.

L'Daialogue DiCaprio ultimately got his start in pre-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana selling his underground mixtapes on various college campuses in the city. His buzz grew there while at the same time performing in various venues in New Orleans and his hometown Memphis,Tennessee. He has been nominated for an SEA Award and has been recently courted by a few record labels because of the featured single on this mixtape, the O.T. the Motif produced "Average Line."

DJ Dimepiece "The Mixin' Vixen" is an up-and-coming DJ in the Midwest area who has been featured numerous times on B.E.T's Rap City. She is the 2007 Ohio Hip Hop Awards Best Radio Personality 2nd Place Runner-Up, 2006 Southern Entertainment Awards winner as well as being afilliated with The Core DJ's. She is currently the mid-day DJ for The Wiz 101.1 FM in Cincinnati, Ohio with her own mixshows on air and on Sirius satellite Radio.

Together, these two come to create a mixtape that is sure to make waves past this first installment. Clazzik features L'Daialogue along with his Ovaground Undaground/GMC collective rapping over original tracks from Los Angeles natives Olde Soul & On 1Ne, Baton Rouge native O.T. the Motif, newcomers J Snyder from Fayetteville, North Carolina and J Mack from Memphis, Tennessee.

DJ Dimepiece takes over the hosting duties on this project but L'Daialogue promises at least 2 more mix albums that will be Across Linez Clazzik 2 & 3 respectively. But as for now, experience the original Across Linez Clazzik as DJ Dimepiece & L'Daialogue DiCaprio takes you through the Ovaground Undaground.


1. DJ Dimepiece Core DJ's Intro
2. Across Linez Clazzik
3. Olde Southern Justice
4. Average Line [O]
5. Tha' Maine Go Off
6. Back Home feat. Mista Dick Erwin (Da' Shopwreckahz)
7. Double Trouble feat. J-Dubble
8. Daiatribe Pt. 1 feat. Pimp C [DS]
9. So Blind feat. High Ruler King Cane (2Deep) & Yo Gotti
10. Good Clothes (Remix) feat. Little Brother
11. L'Daialogue Interlude
12. I Don't Care If It's Not Written Freestyle
13. Move Flows [JM]
14. The Danger feat. Mellowhype
15. Daylight Savings Time
16. I Replace 'Em
17. Politics Of The World [OM]
18. SoulSummaMemphis [JS]
19. This Game III
20. What I Do (Remix) feat. Mr. J'ai [MS]
21. DJ Dimepiece Core DJ's Outro


All Tracks Produced, Mixed and Arranged by MiZUnderstatistic for Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions/ Reba's Furst Born (ASCAP) except:

[O]- O.T. for Effortless Entertainment/ Hitmakers Enterprise
[DS]- Produced by On 1Ne for Polyphunknik Productions (ASCAP)
[JM]- Produced by J-Mack for J-Mack Productions
[OM]-Produced by Olde Soul for Good Old Music (ASCAP)
[JS]- Produced by J Snizzy for J-Snizzy Productions
[MS]- DJ Mike Swift for Mike Swift Productions

All Rights Reserved © 2007


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