Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Supremes' Daialogue Album is here! Experience...

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The Supremes’ Daialogue Album is available for online download. This is a FREE mixtape album that features the sounds of The Supremes and the lyrics of L’Daialogue DiCaprio. This is a purely experimental project drawn off an extreme musical love for The Supremes. Here is the official tracklisting for The Supremes’ Daialogue Album:

1. Who Are The Supremes? Intro
2. MaryDiFlo (Marry Dai’s Flow)
3. The Supreme I Dwell
4. Found & Lost
5. Who Choosing Who Choosin’
6. Supremes Interlude 1
7. A Child’s Destiny
8. …in the interest of Conflict
9. Rhyming Gamez
10. Empty World Filled
11. Supremes Interlude 2
(Keep Me Hangin’ On)
12. I Am Here
**13. Concluding Credits

You can download the album @ this address (and don’t worry….if it goes down, I’ll put it back up fo’ ya’. Holla- L’Daialogue):

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