Saturday, March 17, 2007

Memphis emcee is “very close” to finals in online national competition, “This is the chance of a lifetime”

MEMPHIS, Tennessee- Jazze Pha’s IMNOTSIGNED.COM has created a whirlwind of entries from the nation’s unsigned artists for a chance to compete in a Final Four Talent Search on March 30, 2007. And for one up-and-coming emcee, this may be that chance.

“This is the chance of a lifetime so [I’ma] go hard for Memphis, mane ”, states Memphis emcee L’Daialogue DiCaprio.

The site works by having up-and-coming Rap & R&B acts sign in to the site. When there, they can upload pictures and music to be heard by producers Jazze Pha, Bryan Michael Cox and other industry insiders. They also can purchase original tracks from these producers for .99 cents.

L’Daialogue feels that his Jazze Pha-assisted song is a strong entry. “It’s called ‘The Switcheroo.’ It’s me kinda speaking in the sense that I already won this competition and how my friends, peers and haters will react to my success. [Like] I imagined that a lot of people will ‘switch’ on me hence the saying ‘the switcheroo.’”

When asked how he knows his place in the competition he only states he, “…has a good feeling about it.”

After winners are announced on March 30, 2007, Grammy-nominated Atlanta native T.I. will rip the stage and treat the audience of industry insiders and V.I.P's with to a special performance. Tickets are not on sale to the general public but can be obtained through local V-103 radio station giveaways up to the date of the show.

L’Daialogue states in a focused tone, “I’m just waiting to hear back from Jazze. I know I have a chance to outshow these guys. All I’m asking is for a chance”

For information to L’Daialogue’s entry “The Switcheroo” Produced by Jazze Pha:

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