Friday, February 16, 2007

“The Motown sound lives on through me” says Memphis rapper L'Daialogue DiCaprio. The Supremes’ Daialogue Album available online February 19, 2007


Memphis emcee plus The Supremes equals a fresh mixture, “The Motown sound lives on through me” says rapper

Los Angeles, CA- The Supremes is arguably the greatest girl group in the history of modern music. Before Destiny Child’s, SWV’s and En Vogue’s were even thought of, these women created the blueprint of what we know as the “superstar” girl group.

Now, in the same vein as producer 9th Wonder’s God’s Stepson album and Grammy-nominated producer DJ Danger Mouse’s Grey Album is another effort that is as experimental as both projects. This album is L’Daialogue’s The Supremes’ Daialogue.

This project was conceived by Memphis emcee L’Daialogue DiCaprio who is a fan of The Supremes. He explained “We are so used to listening to the Motown [sound] in Memphis that sometimes we never really take the time to digest where we as producers, musicians and rappers where we actually [are] birthed from. I was just listening to some Supremes songs on the radio one day and I thought ‘I can do something special with this.’”

The Supremes’ Daialogue is very similar to many other projects that experimented with sampling artists’ work but he’s quick to tell you why it is very different. “My producer [MiZUnderstatistic] and I listened over 60 Supremes songs. I asked him to specifically craft them with a soulful feel so I could feel the essence of the beats. Then, I sat and wrote each of these tracks like an album. He spent 2 days preparing the beats and I wrote and recorded all of the songs in 2 days.”

The album exclusively uses Supremes’ hits with a new twist. Songs like “Baby Love”, “I Hear A Symphony” and “My World Is Empty Without You” are remixed with L’Daialogue’s lyrics to create an enduring project that is meant to pay homage. He adds “I want people to know the feeling I got from hearing the Supremes and feel it from this album. Maybe this will make people double-take and respect what they have contributed to music in general.”

The album will be available for download and limited physical copies will be available for promotional use only on February 19, 2007. L'Daialogue adds, "I feel like this project is best of the old and new. Hopefully, some people will see it the same way."

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