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Review: L’Daialogue DiCaprio ''Itztime: The Prelude 2 Daialogue''
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jabarioliver writes "“There is no such thing as underground. We exist!” Hailing from the “Bay Area” of North Memphis Frayser is L’Daialogue Dicaprio who lives his words. His versatile flow and extended vocabulary gives him edge to take on monstrous musical beat arrangements. Coming out of Memphis one may think Daialogue would strictly possess the lyrical styles of Three Six Mafia, Yo Gotti, or Project Pat. While there are sounds of influence from these rap moguls in his delivery, Daialogue is not your conventional Memphis rapper. His overtones can hold up comparisons to MJG, Bun B, and Big Boi of Outkast.

His latest album Itztime: The Prelude 2 Daialogue is an extention of his hustle to industry dominance. As an independent artist, Daialogue has covered lots of ground literally. After finishing high school in Memphis he moved to New Orleans where he witnessed the height of Cash Money Record’s reign during the “Hot Boys” days. After graduating from Xavier University in New Orleans, months shy of Hurricane Katrina he shifted to L.A., another heavily influenced mecca of rap, where he now continues to grind in the industry. Throughout his travels Daialogue picked up various elements such as production ammo from Crummy, Lyrkill, On 1Ne, and Olde Soul.

On “Exchange Values”, L’Daialogue explains, “
Hip-Hop will never die! That’s all we got! This is our message, our communication.” He makes intellectual connotations throughout the entire album. On “Southern Independent Real” which is a mix pot of mellow jazzy hi-hat laced beats with an influence that mirrors early hip-hop flavor he shows vigor through his frustrations of being labeled underground rapping “The radio ain’t a friend of mine/ even if I do make it I won’t pretend with mine.” Some of hip-hops greatest songs have included brass horns such as this song which presents the producer, L.A. born and bred, Olde Soul, at the top of his game. Daialogue rides the beat as if he were cruising the rugged streets of Memphis.

Itztime is hip-hop thinking outside the box. With many getting sick of the dope boy, trap house, and hustler anthems, Daialogue eases frustrations with songs like “Number Runs” where he exploits his speed flow rap style and explains the probabilities of how street life is likely to be fatal. “123/ 321/ up against the probability of the gun!” he growls as the bridges within the beat creates change up melodies like flip-flop paint on a Chevy. On “Microphone death”, which is a Memphis to L.A. chronicle of a grinding ambitious rapper, he displays superior M.C. battle zone skills. Itztime also contains clever intellectual songs with influential insight to make a dopeboy pick up a book and study. Songs such as “The Authentic Nexus 1 & 2” and “Politics of the World” transposes Daialogue as being as gangster as Young Jeezy and, harmoniously, as intelligent as Common.

The one song that draws every detail of L’Daialogue Dicaprio’s style, element, and skill is “It Went Down”. With Olde Soul’s magic producer’s touch, Daialogue flows like the Mississippi River under the Memphis bridge over a swinging Al Green sampled looped beat. You always hear rappers bragging on how “it goes down”, on this track “it went down”. Daialogue explains an autobiographical episode that describes the plutonic relationship between a guy and a girl that takes an unusual turn when the girl retracts and makes the mistake of giving herself to the wrong type of man. The song has the potential to spark a flame in his career.

Overall Itztime is one of the most creative independent, below the radar, albums made to date. Its content promotes repetitive replays of each individual track and instigates more creativity within the influential hip-hop community as a whole. Although the album could be better enhanced with more professional production which would enhance the marketing ability to appeal to a wider and more sophisticated listening audience, Itztime shows how volcanoes erupt below sea level with pure talent, ingenuity, and an up and coming beatsmith on your side. The underground will soon rise. To be continued..

Listen to track “It Went Down” and click here for more music and information on L’Daialogue Dicaprio."

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