Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Essence (Rik Ducci + J-Dubble) -The Essence LP [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

Yo, yoooooo...

It's new music season around ThaOvaground these days. I've been seeing the focus shifting from the Grammy's and all that mainstream jazz but we stay reppin the real over here.

Up next is my New Orleans' homies Rik Ducci & J-Dubble who came together to create a supergroup called The Essence with their first self-titled LP, The Essence. Their connection came from Ducci's last 2 EP's Pride 4 Lunch Sleep 4 Dinner Pt.1 & 2 which heavily featured J-Dubble that had the song "Tell Em J" that got featured on ESPN "First Take".

This LP is straight fire from the essence of Hip-Hop: cold lyrics and hard hitting beats in the same vein of the classic duos consisting of the emcee and DJ.

Definitely peep out the project on Ducci's bandcamp and drop some duckets on Ducci and Dubble.



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