Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tygah Woods- Tygah Woods Invitational (Before The Masters) Mixed by MiZUnderstatistic [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Awwwwww yeah,
(as we come upon Ash Wednesday 2014 ...laissez les bon temps rouler mane!!!!)

As I was pursuing Twitter a few nights ago, I was looking at my hard drive at prospective tapes I was looking to drop. One idea I had was for a project that I was talking to the homey Mr. J'ai about a few months ago. We came up with an idea for a tape that showed the range of the New Orleans' based Tygah Woods crew (which I'm affiliated with) and we both decided that it was time to put out an unofficial OFFICIAL project since its been so much music that has dropped from solo projects AND the collective since the last Tygah Woods tape I did (i.e Tygah Woods- Go Hard Mixtape [RE-UP LINK]). 

So, here is new project from Tygah Woods titled Tygah Woods Invitational (Before The Masters). It features the whole crew:  Mr. J'ai, J-Dubble, Slangston Hughes, D. Francis, Blaze The Verbal Chemist, DJ Mike Swift, Lyriqs The Lyricist & Wes B. 

This project has some NEW music, some classics and some hard to find rarities from Tygah Woods. This has definitely been loooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg overdue. So, wait no longer...the tracklisting & download link is below.Get that NOW!!!! #fistpumps




    01.   Zurich Classic Meets Tygah Woods Invitational Intro
 02.   Rick James (J-Dubble)
 03.   Fall Back (Sundog Remix) (Slangston Hughes)
 04.   2 Feet (Mr. J’ai)
 05.   Circles (D. Francis)
 06.   Freak (Blaze The Verbal Chemist)
 07.   D.A.I.Y.L.F (Lyriqs The Lyricist)
 08.   GSGD (Wes B)
 09.   Lifeline Of Lifetimes (J-Dubble, Blaze The Verbal Chemist & Slangston Hughes)
 10.   F**k Yea! (Blaze The Verbal Chemist, J-Dubble, D. Francis, Slangston Hughes & Wes B)
 11.   Marielaveau Pt. 2 (Go Hard Uptown Second Line Bounce Mix) (Mr. J’ai, J-Dubble, Slangston  Hughes, Blaze The Verbal Chemist, D. Francis and L’Daialogue DiCaprio
 12.   Men On A Mission (J-Dubble, D. Francis & Mr. J’ai)
 13.   Outta My Head (L’Daialogue DiCaprio, Mr. J’ai, Slangston Hughes & J-Dubble) [NEW  EXCLUSIVE**]
 14.   Y So Serious (J-Dubble)
 15.   Nothing Is Easy (D. Francis & L’Daialogue DiCaprio)
 16.   Smile Again (Mr. J’ai)
 17.   Paygrade (L’Daialogue DiCaprio & Slangston Hughes)
 18.   Thinking About You (Mr. J’ai)
 19.   ASSEMBLE (Slangston Hughes, Blaze The Verbal Chemist, D. Francis, J-Dubble & Wes B) [NEW  EXCLUSIVE**]

 20.   Suck It Up (Remix) (Slangston Hughes, J-Dubble, Blaze the Verbal Chemist, Mr. J’ai, Lyriqs, D. Francis, L’Daialogue DiCaprio, O.T & Wes B) [BONUS TRACK] 



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