Sunday, March 16, 2014



REALA THAN REAL is a film/ documentary following Memphis group 2Deep consisting of High Ruler King Cane & Pharoh Blac Prince L'Daialogue DiCaprio. This film shows their travels as they record, perform and talk about their music & concepts in different streets, cities and studios. From Los Angeles, California to Memphis, Tennessee to New Orleans, Louisiana and many different places in between, REALA THAN REAL continues where 2Deep's 2010 short film BROTHAZ OF THE STRUGGLE left off.

This project has cameos from Babi Memphis, DJ Kenny Kaign, Slangston Hughes, Prospek, ELESPEE, Whygee, Juskwam, Marcel P. Black, A. Levy, Mac Triggah, Empera Bookie and many more.

From the streets to the studio, this film shows it ALL

2Deep’s 3rd full-length album, A Pharoh & Da King is coming soon. REAL SOON!!! Check it out.


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