Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Ode 2 2013....2014 Here We Come [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


If you are reading this, this means that I've (along with the rest of ThaOvaground crew) made it around this Gregorian calendar one more time to be blessed enough to see the year 2014. 

Alot of work was done this year. 
Alot of good music was worked on. 
ALOT of business was taken care of. 

Usually, I would kind of detail in my own cold resume form of what moves & successes were made in the year 2013 but this time...I'm just stick to bullet points. 

* Was featured on as one of the Top 50 Underground Emcees, 365 days ago from this date lol (I was #23..Jordan-style). 

* I (along with MiZUnderstatistic) produced a bulk of Mr. J'ai's critically-acclaimed Therapy album. You definitely gotta check out the video with the nice snippet at the front all slick like.

* Went on a few radio runs (in different cities) and premiered some records. The biggest though: Homegrown Radio in Los Angeles, California. Shouts out to Chuck Dizzle, DJ Hed & Miss Bliss for all their support.

* Also, collab'd on features with J-Snizzy (Boom Bap Done Died Out), Bazooka Joe & Prospek (Cold Skool Album), D. Francis (IM A KING) and plenty plenty PLENTY more features...

* But the biggest accomplishment of 2013 is FINALLY dropping InDAIpendent 2 with the homey Midi Marc. The joint got plenty of love and recognition and I felt like it was a very solid project in my opinion.

So, yeah...outside of a few features and a super tight EP...I didn't drop a stupid amount of projects this year.
Just one EP really and few individual verses.

2014 is about to be a WHOLE different monster for real. Mixtapes, full-lengths, blogs, podcasts...its about to get REAL ugly in a good sense. 2013 was used to get the business and things together. 2014 is gonna be all about execution.

So, yeah...a little something something but its MORE to come for reals.

But as Levar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow..."you don't have to take my word for it!!!!"

Let's get it....

-L'Daialogue / MiZUnderstatistic & Staff

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