Sunday, December 29, 2013


Yo, yooo...

As we leave 2013 in a day or so and go into 2014...we at, seeing ALL of these stories about producers that are being slept on (especially in my city) and beats getting stolen and alllll that are going to do a feature called PRODUCERS STORIES going forth.

I came across a Twitter discussion I had with one of Memphis' legendary producers': Ensayne Wayne of the DRUM SQUAD. Ensayne Wayne has a crazy amount of credits from Tela, Plies, T-Pain, Shawty Lo,  Three 6 Mafia, Rocko, Gucci Mane and many many more. Word is that he came up under another legendary Memphis producer named Sliscse Tee. The discussion was about some old projects he produced on.

Check out the discussion below.


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