Monday, January 20, 2014


Yo, yo, yoooooooooooooo,

I was speaking to Slangston Hughes about the new music he had cooking up because he's always working on some new stuff (even outside of our D&D music which is coming soon). He told me, "I'm working on some new music. It's gonna be a different." Now, coming from him that's always great to hear but you never really know. Slangston tends to blow you away with each new release. He puts in some real work with these releases plus he stays gigging like crazy in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

His latest project is a collaborative project with New Orleans funk/Hip-Hop band Madfro. This band consists of  William Creppell (bass guitar), Troy Dearmon (drums), Orlando De Silva (guitar) and Slangston Hughes on the lead vocals. This is release is very high energy and got a cool mellow vibe at the same time. Plus, you can never lose out when you have the backing of some funky rhythms over some razor sharp lyricism.

Check out a sample from their lead single, My Glow and be on the lookout for the full EP on CD and digital outlets. Peep the Soundcloud link below and stream away.


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