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Miscellaneous- Control (Memphis Version) / Article: Miscellaneous' Control Of Memphis Rap by L'Daialogue DiCaprio [NEW SONG] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

(above pic: Miscellaneous circa 2008 in Memphis) 

Miscellaneous' Control of Memphis Rap 
Words by L'Daialogue DiCaprio  

Miscellaneous is a Memphis rapper with a storied history in Memphis rap music. The first time I personally met Miscellaneous was around 2004. He probably wouldn't remember but we were both in this online radio (and this is before everybody and their mama had an internet radio station) promoting our respective records at the time. My records was "Average Line" that was getting me some spins in Memphis, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana. Miscellaneous was an up-and-coming artist at the time and he played me 2 records.

Now, the first record was ironically called "Fuck Atlanta" and Misc was passionate about alot of rappers from Memphis leaving the city and not reppin the M-Town correctly. The song was tight but you could obviously see why that record was a double-edged sword in the city considering the many alliances artists and producers from Memphis had in Atlanta at the time.

But the second record was called "Memphis Walk" and I remembered thinking that "Man, he's got a real hit on his hands". Unfortunately, years later that very song that got Miscellaneous his buzz in the city and beyond would be the very song that would pit him in a beef with the new self-proclaimed King of Memphis, Yo Gotti who created his own "Memphis Walk" song on his DJ Drama's assisted mixtape "I Told U So".

After a short jail stint, burying the aforementioned beef with Yo Gotti and even doing a seemingly short-lived collaboration with Hypnotize Minds artist Lil Wyte, Miscellaneous dropped a Memphis-centric version of Big Sean's track "Control" that had Kendrick Lamar proclaiming he's the best in the game and has had the rap game going crazy on the internet and beyond.

Miscellaneous took that concept and aimed directly at a majority of up-and-coming (and established) Memphis rappers. He's taken shots at Nasty Nardo, Lil Wyte, Yung D and even Yo Gotti in the same way that Kendrick did on Sean's track. The track, premiered by DJ Quinn Raynor has Memphis rappers on edge as Miscellaneous proclaims "he's giving everybody 72 hours to respond".

Very bold to say the least but Miscellaneous is coming for his spot in Memphis. Will other emcees listen? Do other emcees in Memphis have a lyrical response ready? The city will be on high alert this coming weekend.

My opinion? I feel like it is great for Memphis music all around. The could be the best thing to happen to Memphis since "Stay Fly" dropped a few years ago.

Check out the song below and post what you think.


UPDATE: Miscellaneous has released a video accompanying the track.

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