Friday, August 9, 2013

DJ Cannon Banyon - Shootin The Breeze 59 Hosted By MIDIMarc [NEW MUSIC] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Annnnnnddddd we keep it moving along,

DJ Cannon Banyon is dropping his latest mixtape Shootin The Breeze Mixtape 59. Banyon's mixtape series is one of the more popular series in the South and is known for its cutting edge mixes, witty interludes & its cold exclusives.

Shootin The Breeze 59 is hosted by the one and only Midi "MARATHON" Marc and you already know what it is...

So, click the link below and download the mixtape.

Your speakers will thank you!



p.s L'Daialogue is STILL waiting on his Shootin The Breeze tape Banyon!!! Let's get that poppin mane lol 

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