Tuesday, January 8, 2013


And yes!!! The ladies, ladies, mo' ladies... *smiles*

So, I'm up making a track (as usual) and Dai hits me on the text and sends me a video. The said video is by Miss Bliss, The Hub City Diva. Word is she's a cold double threat: she's an emcee (reppin theWest Coast-based crew The (SIS)tem, who I'm hearing me be headlining Paid Dues this year) AND a DJ (she's part of the Homegrown Radio crew with DJ Chuck Dizzle & DJ Hed).

Soooooo, after about 10 views or so  (in a row)...we over here at ThaOvaground.com is diggin' her latest track Drippin from her upcoming project titled Extended Play. So, press play...and enjoy the visuals mane.


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