Wednesday, January 2, 2013

L'Daialogue DiCaprio Featured On's 50 Underground Emcees [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

Yo, yo, yooooooo,

Happy New Year and all that. We're 2013 forward already mane and I see good news already coming toward L'Daialogue DiCaprio & Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions. We're one day into the New Year and Dai gets mentioned on's 50 Underground Emcees today. Man oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I quote (he's 23 on the list)

 "23. L’Daialogue DiCaprio

This emcee is moving crowds in Beverly Hills, the N.O. and all the way back to his native Memphis. He represents the South proudly in any forum on any song, but has a crossed over sounding metaphor and simile filled style that sets his music aside from anything else out. Just when you think you get it with Dai he changes it up and gives you something 360 degrees different. Whether speaking on his history, the stories of those around him or just on everyday recognizable slice of life topics, L’Daialogue’s ability to spin a story through imagery sets him aside from the others.

So,'s on and more projects are coming.

Check it out and see what other underground artists are getting shine below.



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