Saturday, February 11, 2012

ScHoolBoy Q - Habits and Contradictions Chopped N Screwed Presented by Slim K [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

Yo, yo...

Now, I was on Twitter the other day and I got hit up by Slim K.

Who is Slim K you ask? Well, aside from trying to revive the ART (and I repeat "art") of "choppin' & screwin'" or as he has tagged it: slowed down music, he's taking to the blogs to get it out to the masses.

On ThaOvaground, we support ALL music but we DEFINITELY support music based from the South. Also, I have been seeing a lot of people BLATANTLY biting Southern-based styles in these past years which can be seen as good and bad.

The good is that people are finally (even if they don't want to) respecting the South (but not the WHOLE South, but that's a TOTALLY different blog post). The bad is that as music continues on even though some people may not know or just take stuff from a region and claim it as its own.

But, I present per Slim K, Top Dawg Entertainment artist ScHoolBoy Q's latest set Habits & Contradictions Chopped N Screwed. Still support the regular version on Itunes HERE.

The tracklisting and download links are below. Check it out NOW and raise it up for the South. Shouts out to Texas mane!!!!


p.s. Shouts out to Slim K...this may be the beginning of a great blog-lationship. Keep pushin those tapes out mane and we'll keep posting.


1. Tookie Knows (Intro) (C&S)

2. There He Go (C&S)

3. Nightmare at Figg St (C&S)

4. My Hatin Joint (C&S)

5. 2 Raw Feat. Jay Rock (C&S)

6. Druggys With Hoes Again Feat. Ab-Soul (C&S)

7. Sacrilegious (C&S)

8. Oxy Music (C&S)

9. niggaHs.already.know.davers.flow (C&S)

10. My Homie (C&S)

11. Gangster In Designer (C&S)

12. Raymond 1969 (C&S)

13. Hands On The Wheel Feat. A$AP Rocky (C&S)

14. Sexting (C&S)

15. Sex Drive Feat. Jhene Aiko (C&S)

16. Grooveline Pt. 1 Feat. Dom Kennedy , Curren$y (C&S)

17. How We Feeling (C&S)

18. Blessed Feat. Kendrick Lamar (C&S)

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