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(left: The original Brothaz Of Tha Struggle album cover)


So before we actually drop the sequel to the original Brothaz Of Tha Struggle album, I think alot of people should have the opportunity to peep out the ORIGINAL album.

Released in 2008, Brothaz Of Tha Struggle was produced by MiZUnderstatistic (myself) & L'Daialogue DiCaprio and it was as perfect as an album to define the street scene brewing in Memphis, TN. The edgy lyricism combined with the soulful, heartfelt delivery of Cane & Dai is what made me personally believe in this project beforehand. Plus, at the time, I wasn't really feeling the "struggle" as bad a few years ago. But, now I look at that album as a under-underground precursor to Young Jeezy's The Recession album. They were one of the first groups I knew of who made the struggle an actual focal point of their album.

They were talking about a particular struggle before it was all too common in the music now. They spoke from the level of common men that per poetry were elevated to their self proclaimed status of kings & pharohs. They spoke of their lives at the time.

Dai had just graduated college in New Orleans & by sheer luck missed the devastating destruction of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast region. But with all that education, Dai ended right back in the hood that he thought that he left for good. Cane was just coming out some felony charges that he was fighting at the time that subsequently ended up serving time for. This album was an intersecting point of frustration & money problems that could have been a precursor to much worst (and trust me, in North Memphis it is easy to get into "much worst").

I wont go into too much more but this album was their blood, sweat and tears. From the trap houses that we recorded in to the equipment I thankfully upgraded from, this was a real project that I happened to be involved in.

So, here's the original press release and link to that project below.

Be on the lookout tomorrow because Brothaz Of Tha Struggle 2: Still Strugglin' is dropping tomorrow.





Since the beginning of rap, the chemistry of 2 emcees together has resulted in some of hip hop’s classic masterpieces especially in the South. Albums like Eightball & MJG’s “Coming Out Hard”, UGK’s “Ridin’ Dirty” and Outkast “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” proved that Southern emcees can indeed create powerful music with lyrics to match.

High Ruler King Cane and Pharoh Mista Blac Prince L’Daialogue DiCaprio are 2 Deep, a group hailing from the streets of Memphis, Tennessee. These emcees got their first taste of lyrical underground southern soul music at Trezevant High School. Between classes, rap music became the escape from the harsh realities of the Frayser neighborhood that they stayed in North Memphis. During lunch periods and talent shows, they could be found rapping with a fierce intensity and calculated precision that could only be described as mesmerizing by whoever was fortunate enough to hear their rhymes.

Eventually, the poetry they reserved for lunchroom ciphers made there way into L’Daialogue’s home studio. After years of peddling TDK tapes and cds exclusively in their neighborhood and beyond, they decided to take their music to another level.

Their debut release, Brothaz of tha’ Struggle, is one that has just as much symbolic currency as street style that shows an internal struggle that is greater than just the city of Memphis. Stemming from the title, this duo ties soulful production from local producer MiZUnderstatistic with lyrics of conscious relevance and urban intensity. The first single, “The City” gives an indication of a special dichotomy of street reality when their lyrics connects the symbolism from the landmarks of the Memphis-Arkansas bridge and the Pyramid located on the Mississippi River. With the single’s xylophone-laced rhythm and rolling bass line, 2 Deep will leave an impression that varies from many others in rap today. They definitely plan to obtain greatness through their struggle and they hope to achieve a deeper level of consciousness through their poetry. They are 2Deep…mentally and physically.

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