Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Ode 2 2011....Welcome to 2012

(above pic: A concept pic/cover from the Dollar$ & Daialogue EP w/ Slangston Hughes photo shoot )

I need some kudos 'round this piece mane. I mean, I need to be more cockier mane.


I have made it.

At least I feel I have. I have accomplished a few more goals that I have set and I am ready to move foward into 2012.

I just wanted to get out what I wanted in a musicial form & I did.

At the beginning of this year, Slangston Hughes and I finished recording what came to be the Dollar$ & Daialogue EP (the original EP & the 1.5 EP respectively) that ended up landing us a spot in New Orleans' Offbeat Magazine and nominated for a New Orleans Hip Hop Award in the Best EP category. We never knew all the accolades we would receive. We just spoke truthful realness reflecting the dual essence of Memphis, Tennessee & New Orleans, Louisiana...and the rest is history.

Also, I Built My Own Buzz 2 & 3 came out as I experimented with more sounds and collaborated with more producers and artists outside of MiZUnderstatistic (I still love ya mane). It's so many different records from Mark Of The Beast to In My Mode, I experimented from 8 bit samplism to Prospek's orchestral arrangements on Comment Sections. And shouts out to Midi Marc (Midi Marathon Marc nigga), J-Snizzy (my North Cak boom-bap killa), Rick Flare (Beat Arkitekz all day), Zach of 3M (my DC connect) and plenty more.

My radio/DJ's connections grew and I know that I am single-handedly witnessing a revolution in radio. From DJ Chuck Dizzle at his L.A.-based Homegrown Radio to my girl Skye who runs Skyyhook Radio, these inDAIpendents have this. Who you thank spinning my records??? Also, shouts out to the homey Moose Harris with his show URBAN FLOSARUS doing his thang in Shreveport, LA.

Also, DJ Dimepiece, DJ Kenny Kaign, DJ EF Cuttin, DJ Mike Swift and many more are supporting the Ovaground Undaground movement in a lot of different ways.

I feel like with the collaborations I have lined up plus the new 2Deep album & Babi Memphiz album I have on deck, 2012 (if it actually all ends then) will be just as major as they were in 2011.

The music WILL keep on moving mane. As Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions keep creative & professional product coming to the people, you will never have to worry about where the game will be. You'll least from us.

Also, shouts out to the homies (in no particular order): Muthafukkkkkkkin' High Ruler King Cane (The REAL 2Deep out chea...North Memphis forever), Mac Triggah (let's get it going again mane), Cyclops (yessur!), Top Billion, the beautiful Ms. Robin Barnes, the beautiful Ms. T. Hobbs, the beautiful Ms. Melody Jones, Suave (the N.O croona' mane), L-Boogie (let's go), Wille B (Willie B Face my nig!!!!), Fat Rat da Czar, Brad M Beatz, Fo On Tha' Flo (shouts out to the livest band ever mane), The Beat Arkitekz, the whole M-Town, West Coast, East Coast & Midwest. Worldwide daialogue mane! If I forgot anybody, blame my head and not my heart....I'm trying to beat the 12 o'clock deadline of New Year's.

So, toast to past year and let's get past here. December fallin' and January ballin. Let's go and be on the look out for the label and the blog.

*raises a glass*

Toast to success,

-L'Daialogue, MiZUnderstatistic & the WHOLE staff!!!!

p.s. Watch how far I will be from the blog post this time next year!!! Watch me mane!!!!

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