Monday, December 26, 2011

L'Daialogue- I Built My Own Buzz 3 [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]

L'Daialogue continues to build; the final project in the "buzz" series

MEMPHIS, TN- Memphis emcee L’Daialogue DiCaprio in conjunction with & is releasing his final project in his “Buzz” trilogy titled I Built My Own Buzz 3 which is a sequel to his critically-acclaimed project I Built My Own Buzz 2.

Still continuing with an inDAIpendent attitude & rising buzz, L’Daialogue is making legitimate moves from his previous projects and this one is no different. His firey, Southern-based lyricism is moving to a worldwide audience and his finale of this particular series is one to be welcomed. He proves even when you think you can’t promote yourself, you can promote yourself anywhere and be successful doing it.

The project has features from Hall Of Justus-affiliate Chaundon, Slangston Hughes, Cyclops, Babi Memphiz, High Ruler King Cane of 2Deep, T. Hobbs, ELESPEE, Lyrikill, Top Billion with production from MiZUnderstatistic, Olde Soul, Zach of 3M, Prospek, J-Snizzy & Rick Flare of the Beat Arkiteks.


1. Midi Marc Buzz Intro 3
2. December Fallin, January Ballin
3. Let Them Gurls Ride
4. COINTELPRO & Amber Rose
5. Memphis Made Me Pt. 4
6. Intersect feat. Babi Memphiz
7. I Got Em Sick feat. High Ruler King Cane (2DEEP)
8. Prepare for Defeat feat. Slangston Hughes & Cyclops
9. I’m So Raw feat. Slangston Hughes & Top Billion
10. Divine Comedy feat. T. Hobbs
11. Comment Sections
12. The King Of Tha 2-Track
13. Profound Effects feat. Chaundon
14. Little Red Hen
15. Now Ya Feel Me Cirrius Remix
16. My Time Has Come feat. Lyrikill & ELESPEE
17. Mark Of The Beast
18. Distribution

All Tracks Produced, Mixed & Arranged by MiZUnderstatistic & L’Daialogue DiCaprio for Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions/ Reba’s Furst Born (ASCAP) except:

Track 3- Produced by Rick Flare for Beat Arkitekz (ASCAP)
Tracks 11, 16- Produced by Prospek for Inner Recess Productions
Track 12- Produced by Zach for 3M Productions
Track 13- Produced by J-Snizzy for J-Snizzy Productions
Track 14- Produced by Olde Soul for Good Old Music (ASCAP)


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