Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2Deep-Brothaz Of Tha Struggle [MOVIE PARTS 1,2,3 AND 4] [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]


Brothaz Of Tha Struggle is a short film/ documentary following Memphis group 2Deep consisting of High Ruler King Cane & Pharoh Blac Prince L'Daialogue DiCaprio as they navigate through the Memphis streets that bred them.

Travel with them as they talk about their lives and their struggles within the music industry and give an honest perspective of how it was for them coming up within Memphis.

Brothaz of Tha Struggle also features music from their LP of the same name, Brothaz of Tha Struggle.

This film was produced by DJ MiZUnderstatistic for Affillieated Vischunz/DRDP Productions.


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