Thursday, March 11, 2010

SEA’s 2010: My Story from the Southern Entertainment Awards in Memphis Pt. 1[OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

(above: me and Midi Marc. We are InDAIpendent mane!!!!)

My experience at the Southern Entertainment Awards 2010 was great. I literally flew back out to Memphis this year and I wasn’t going to miss this year’s show. Also, I heard that my mans Midi Marc (along with DJ Eclipse & DJ Cannon Banyon) was coming through so you know I wasn’t going to miss it this year.

My experience really consisted of the 2nd days which were different informative forums about topics ranging from producer’s getting their publishing in order to finding the best lawyer to handle your business on the legal side.

I really had a beef when I was going to these forums. Not a beef BECAUSE of the forums but because I didn’t see ANY Memphis artists in the crowds at all. It was just me and my cousin Cane from what I could see.

I'm not saying there were NO Memphis artists at the SEA's. Just the forums where I felt like the underground folks NEEDED to be.

(above: SEA's Producer forum w/ Midi Marc [far left] )

You could argue that I couldn’t have known if the people attended were from Memphis or not. But, most of the people from out of town had shirts and things to let you know they WERE NOT from Memphis.

Actually, shouts out to South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi SPECIFICALLY. I saw them in the house hard.

I attended the producer’s forum that featured So Sincere (from DTP), Midi Marc, Chris “Mayday” Rucks from Dynamic Producer and Courtney "Coko" Eason, Sony ATV Publishing. I mean, they REALLY gave out a lot of knowledge about getting your publishing correct and getting paid. I would have thought that somebody from the city would want to hear that seeing how people complain that they get (and are getting got) from the money end and what not. But, whatever.

I spent the latter part of last Saturday just hanging around the Marriot hotel and the Cook Convention Center in downtown Memphis. It was a lot of artists and networking going on and that was cool.

(above: me and High Ruler King Cane (2Deep) w/ DJ Cannon Banyon [right])

I ended up spending my last night in Memphis on Beale Street with Midi Marc and some of the homeys from the Boondak Syndicate just kickin’ it. Got to show the cold (it was 30 degrees) yet historical elements of downtown Memphis before I had to go home early Sunday.

Now, due to baggage beef with Delta Airlines…I had no PHYSICAL copies of the InDAIpendent project on me…but I still laced folks with copies straight from my computer which I bet will be worth something in the next few years you watch. Plus, my downloads are in the mid-thousands anyway with distribution coming soon (shameless plug).

(above: The independent burned "InDAIpendent" disc held by Midi Marc)

In conclusion, home was great and I wish I had more time but at least when I was there, I handled business and made some valuable connections for years to come. And trust…I will be back.


P.S. Shouts out to Janiro and DJ Infamous who I met on accident trying to enter the freestyle competition that ended up being cancelled. I wonder why emcees hopped out??? Maybe, because L'Daialogue was in town??? That's what I heard lol. But, shouts out.

Plus I have video footage coming very soon. Stay tuned!!!!

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