Saturday, March 13, 2010

J-Snizzy-Versatilities Gift 2 [CDQ][OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE] [NEW MUSIC]


I have been waiting for this release for over a year. I mean J-Snizzy has had people buzzing about this project since its predecessor, Versatilities Gift.

This North Carolina emcee/producer has released his latest Versatilities Gift project: VG2 and FINALLY the world can breathe again.

You MUST check this out. I co-sign this 2000 times over mane.

Get ready for the soul!!!!!!!!!

Also, Snizzy has some words and the links below.




Versatilities Gift 2

In 2008, i created a hip hop cd on all my beats and all my rhymes. That cd was called "Versatilities Gift". The gift of being able to make beats and rhymes. Fruityloops and adobe audition 2.0 were the only tools used to create that project. 2 Years later, using the same tools and after many delays, creative differences, and events i present the sequel to that project..... "Versatilities Gift 2" The idea behind this whole project was simple. Better beats, Better rhymes, and more hard hitting tracks while keeping that soul intact throughout the whole cd. This is my dedication, this is my heart, this is me now. This is Versatilities Gift 2.

Thank god for blessing me with the gift of what i'm able to do and achieve. I'd like to thank any and everyone who motivated me and supported me through this project. Being alone doing everything from the beats, rhymes, and mixing is no easy task with such limited tools and resources.

Thank you for all the support shown to me to those who kept checkin for me and believe in what i'm doing. There is so much i want to say right now, but it would be too much of a long read. All i can say now is, i hope you enjoy this and if you truly enjoy it pass it along. Post it on ur blog, tell/give it to a friend, make a thread on your site about it, whatever. I truly believe good/dope/hot music spreads on it own, if you believe in that as well. Let's make it happen. Thankyou



LINK #1: Versatilities Gift 2 [ORIGINAL]/[CDQ]

LINK #2:Versatilities Gift 2 [ORIGINAL]/[CDQ] [Alter. Link]

LINK #3: Versalitities Gift [THE ORIGINAL ALBUM RELEASED IN 2008][CDQ]

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