Friday, February 19, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Melody Ann Jones [OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE]

I usually run across ALOT of R&B singers on a daily.

A LOT!!!

I've heard the common statement that "they're are more rappers than fans". I would challenge someone to gather ALL of the rappers and they STILL wouldn't outnumber singers.

Every sings in some shape or form. But just like everyone isn't a GREAT rapper...they're aren't that many GREAT singers. But the difference is the potiential in my opinion. Who truly has that potiential to be "great"?

Then, enters Melody Ann Jones, a singer-songwriter hailing from the streets of Long Beach, California. I was actually turned on to her music from a friend or a friend and I was literally floored. I thought Long Beach, California only had dope rappers and producers to offer the music world. I was wrong.

She has all of the elements that I think a lot of singers lack. I hear (and have heard) that she has a damn good singing range. I listened to her song "Voicemail"(Produced by Caleb "Sega" Nam) about 10 times in a row and was definitely interested in hearing some more music from this young lady. I literally asked the friend that I heard the cd from to give me the disc (unfortunately she didn't).

But, this is the type of singing that I enjoy: no gimmicks, just pure "sangin'" as we like to say in the South and with tracks like this one...she's definitely going to go far with her music. I just knew that she was signed to SOMEBODY'S label...but to my knowledge I am not sure that she is or isn't.

But, definitely keep your eyes out for this young lady and check out the song below. Don't say I didn't tell you so...and remember who peeped game first.



Melody Ann Jones-Voicemail (Produced by Caleb "Sega" Nam)

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