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Some more MIDI mane.He's everywhere lol.

Check out this NEW interview mane. My boy is killin' the blogs!



NEW Interview from

My boy Midi Marc from South Cak- got alot fo exposure and has come along wayover the years! His production style is insane and he is very creative! The first cd that was handed to me from him was the Jay-Z- American Gangster (DOWN SOUTH MIX) Shit was fire (I STILL Have it after all this time lol) and he had me hooked on what he brings to the table in this industry! Being that he is down south- we still chopped it up thru email to get this interview poppin!LETS GO!!!


RHHJ: Let our Junkies know who you are & where you're from!

MidiMarc: Whatup Junkies! I'm MIDIMarc I'm a producer from Hopkins, SC right outside of Columbia, SC. I represent Angry Chimp Music Group and Official Block Banga Marketing and Promotion

RHHJ:Congrats on winning the Beat Battle Award at the 2009 SMES Awards In Myrtle Beach, SC!! what are your thoughts on that big win?

MidiMarc: First things first I have to thank DJ Cannon Banyon. Originally I didn't want to attend the battle. He wanted me to be in it, paid the fees and brought me down to the beach. Thanks to my partner in crime I'm reaping these benefits I have a shinny new championship belt. I always have fun at beat battles whether I win or lose. I get on stage, press play on the cd player and dance to my creation. I love letting the crowd know that I love what I make and stand by my work. I also enjoy networking with the artist and other producers that come out. I could tell that a lot of the attendees hadn't been to a beatbattle and I think I was able to give them a good time and a lot to remember me by.

RHHJ: What artists have you worked with?

MidiMarc: In South Carolina I've worked with some of everyone (Fat Rat Da Czar, Dan Johns, Marly Mar, Hollywood and KO, Preach just to name a few) I work with artist near and far from my home state all the way to Australia and Canada.

RHHJ: If you can produce for any artist you want, who would it be?

MidiMarc: Thats a hard Right now its a tie between Nas and Project Pat

RHHJ: What are your influences when u are in the lab creating and producing?

MidiMarc: I grew up listening to a lot of soul and gospel as well as all types of hip hop music. I pull inspiration from my favorite artist and especially my favorite producers

RHHJ: What new projects are you working on now?

MidiMarc: I'm always working with independent artist throughout the country. Right now i'm working on 3 EP's. 1 with L'Daialogue from Memphis, TN; 1 with Big Hodge and 1 with Boondak Syndicate both from Columbia, SC. Me and DJ Cannon Banyon recently dropped "Good Ass Remix Pt 2" and I'm also working on a Michael Jackson tribute. All this while trying to make some placements on major projects. I stay busy..haha

RHHJ: Who is your favorite Producer of all time?

MidiMarc: Hands down my favorite producer is The RZA. Wu-Tang Forever is the reason I decided to make beats and make it my career.

RHHJ: What are ur views on production, do you perfer the analog sound of live instraments, sampling, and/or digital production?

MidiMarc: Right now I'm utilizing my setup which is basic (a laptop and a keyboard) but an ideal setup for me would combine all of those elements. Thats why I'm such a fan of people like The RZA, Dr. Dre, and Timbaland...they are masters of sound..and their instrument IS sound

RHHJ: Describe your producing style in ONE word.

MidiMarc: Versatile

RHHJ: How can artists and other industry players reach out to you?

MidiMarc: Yall can feel free to hit me at I could run down the list of all the sites i'm on..but you can simply google midimarc and find out everything you need to know.

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