Sunday, December 13, 2009

DJ Kenny Kaign and L'Daialogue DiCaprio Presents Bluff City Daialogue 3 [THE FULL TRILOGY DOWNLOAD OF BLUFF CITY DAIALOGUE 1,2 AND 3]


What's up world? I have been honored to work with the Worldwide DJ Kenny Kaign for 3 original mixtapes representing my city in a way that I think truly sets me apart from all of the emcees in my region. I never came on these tapes trying to be something that I'm not. Also, I never claimed to be the one and only representive out of Memphis, Tennessee. I just did me.

I am Memphis and this is how I see it. Good and bad.

I want to thank all of the producers that have contributed to all 3 tapes (MiZUnderstatistic, J-Snizzy, MIDIMarc,J-Mack, DJ Mike Swift, Lyrikill and O.T.)

The trilogy is NOW complete.

I have included the first 2 original tapes into so you can have the complete collection.

Thanks for listening and please know that more good music is coming VERY soon.


p.s. InDAIpendent EP is coming soon!!!!! Produced ENTIRELY by MIDIMarc!!!!!



1. Allegiances and Alliances: Chances and Stances
2. Memphis Made Me Pt. 2
3. Da’ Shape Of Ya’ (PROD BY MIDI MARC)
4. On 2 Da’ Next 1 (PROD BY J-MACK)
5. Almost There
6. Never Be Me feat. High Ruler King Cane (2Deep)
7. Dump Truck Freestyle
8. Freshstrated (PROD BY J-SNIZZY)
9. Gymnastics (PROD BY DJ MIKE SWIFT)
10. So Much 2 Obtain feat. Drake
11. Sumwhere In Tha’ Middletro
12. Water Cycle
13. Havin Thangs Freestyle
14. New Hate
15. A Freak Of Nature
16. We All Different
17. That Pure
18. Outro (4 Those Other Guys)
19. Memphis Made Me Pt.3 (The Final Made)


Bluff City Daialogue 1:
Bluff City Daialogue 2:
Bluff City Daialogue 3:

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