Tuesday, August 11, 2009

iMegatron x Hailmegatron.net presents "iMegatron 3Gs" Mixtape

Shouts out to the good people over at www.hailmegatron.net. What IS up, mane?

Peep this cool mixtape with that fly ole' L'Daialogue feature in it ("Interlude of Daialogue" off the Odd Daialogue EP....go get that!)

Read the description, download and enjoy.



The wait is over. The next installment of my mix series is finally here. This mix takes a different turn than D.O.A. (Death of Autobots) did in the fact that this one is a bit more personal. You can tell how personal it is right out the gate. This took about a month and a bit to put together and if it wasn’t for all the underground/independent artists, this would have been just another mixtape. But the independent artists have a special… vibe to them and I can relate to it. So I want you all to download this mixtape, relax with it and vibe with it. It takes you on a journey through sound. And the mixtape itself is like an iPhone and the songs are like apps.

There’s an app for everything.

Download link x Tracklist after the break.

- iMegatron

1. Standards and Practices (Intro)
2. Run This Town Freestyle (Sage Bravo)
3. Air Jordan (The Kid Daytona x Harlem’s Cash)
4. Lights (Abyss Da Dark x Panama Red)
5. Hip Hop Knock (Rickie Jacobs)
6. And I Say To Myself (James Vegas)
7. The Mist (Kevin Abstract)
8. The Rabbit Hole (XV)
9. Interlude Of Daialogue (L’Daialogue)
10. Grind: Word Of The Day (Valentine)
11. Who is The Drizzle? (Interlude)
12. Faded (Drake)
13. Vizzy Vizzy Vizzy (XV)

DOWNLOAD: iMegatron x hailmegatron.net presents: iMegatron 3GS (Mixtape)


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