Sunday, August 30, 2009


For the record...Memphis BEEN on Drake. Check out this article about Drake kickin' it with his father Dennis Graham who was a drummer who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis.

Drake is also the nephew of musicians Larry Graham and Teenie Hodges.

So, yeah...Canadians got swagger but please believe that Memphis is/continues to be the basis of this man's natural talent.


Off of

And when I say Daddy, I don’t mean Birdman! LOL! Seriously, Drake is some kind of regular dude or something. I am being told that he was visiting family in Memphis recently. What? A star that visits his family? Unheard of!

Anyway one of my readers got to kick it wit Drake last night while he was there in Memphis visiting family. My reader (not saying his name so I don’t blow up the spot) says Drake was a real cool and humble. He said the whole family kicked it at Wet Willies downtown on Beale Street where Drake joined them all in a quick karaoke rendition. He and his father also did a rendition together.

After kicking in Wet Willies for a few hours they headed to the strip club, “Platinum Rose” for a “night cap.” Memphis loves Drake now. That’s very cool.

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