Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crumwell-Seven Summers

Yes. Yes. Yes!!!!

Seven Summers by Crumwell (formerly Crummy) is finally here! But, you have to understand....this is a project I have never heard ANY producer do EVER.

I really do mean EVER.

This instrumental project samples ONE SONG 15 different ways mane. Now, you don't go out and bite my mans Crummy's idea, kids. Lol.

But, yes...the track he used (which escapes my mind)...has been flipped and re-flipped and re-flipped again. I'm talking straight up different sounding tracks that has mood and movement all in one.

He is a genius in that respect and he is one of the more mysterious producers in my click. But, the mystery is his genius and the thought process behind each track. He took almost 5 years to release this project so it is definitely something that he took time on and thought out well before he released it.

Check out Crumwell's press release on Seven Summers:

"Crumwell’s long-awaited Seven Summers project is here. The limited edition, innovative project consists of 15+ tracks produced from a single song. Unlike anything you have heard before, each track triggers a certain emotion and story. What started as just one song, ended up expanding to a monumental and innovative project. Features a track by Daialogue."

See, that L'Daialogue feature that sets it off mane. Cop this project imejaly (immediately)!!!!



Crumwell Seven Summers Interview:

The ORIGINAL Seven Summers Medley (from 2005):

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