Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mixtapin' Easy Money Pimpin': Memphis' United Mixtape Front Going Into Summer 2009 (OVAGROUND EXCLUSIVE)

Dear Mixtape Heads,

Yeah, like I said...the summer is going to be hotter than ever.

Oh, and for those people that swear up and down that mixtapes are this and that...understand that most people get up on new music off of the mixtapes. DJ break records off of the mixtapes. The streets (whether they pay, download or hate) determines what is hot in the city by what is presented off of the mixtapes.

So, hey...why change the wheel? Music has to be presented in some sort of way. And the main people who are saying these things about mixtapes are the main ones who were introduced (by themselves or a DJ listening) to a mixtape.

Memphis is finally moving in the direction that I think that it should have done a few years back: as one.

And oh, yeah. I can throw myself into the mix because I am the catalyst for the spark of the city right now. You better go listen to my song "Unofficial Story of MemphisRap" and get familiar. 'Cause I know what's up.

Get your peeks, creeps and speaks on these Spring mixtapes that are ALREADY out or about to be released (*hint, hint Bluff City Daialogue 2)...and check them out.

Holla black at cha'


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