Monday, May 4, 2009

Lovin' Tha' Life Mane...(GMC Westside Stories)


I was all over Beverly Hills with my mans Chris Foxx, XPosure and Dre-Hype. So, yeah...GMC invaded the West Coast. Shoot, even On1Ne came thru to see ya' boy.

XP has another project coming (it's not going to be top secret for long). Also, as we were roaming through the hills I let him preview the Bluff City Daialogue 2 and he was floored. See, I told ya'll that it was "clazzikal clazzik" material people (shout out to DJ Kenny's coming).

But other than that...I'm working. I have some other music that I'm working on currently with the GMC...MIDIMarc...J-Snizzy...GangstaPa Records...DJ, yeah...I deserve to get it in with tha' homies.

So, check out the new music coming very, very soon. Also, twitter ya' boy at

Oh than that...I'm definitely gone be on my blog a little bit, keep checkin'.


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