Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Graffiti Artists square off in Hollywood, CA (KWS Member Takes On 2 Taggers)


"...look at a country so free you can dump your trash on the street" (c) Akeem, Coming to America.

Living in Los Angeles (kinda Mid-City...but actually more Beverly Hills/Hollywood)...I have come to respect more graffiti artists in this city. I guess amongst the gang members and other sets, this is a way to truly respect the beauty of this city and to give some of these out of towners some free advertising and direction to not getting their heads knocked off their shoulders.

This video below is an encounter of some sprayers that squared off in Hollywood and the way I see it...these cats ride as hard as gang members. The one set I hear is KWS..(which I first heard about on MURS/9th Wonder's 3:16 album). Here is some of the third verse of 3:16:

I'm from the home of Double K, nothin' but trouble gang
KWS's, LTS's, OFA's
And every other crew that used to rack cans and spray

So, I have the graffiti "knockout" video plus the 3:16 joint so you can have both frames of reference. Don't mess with the taggers, mane...lol...or you will be found in the fetal position, folk.


Check it out (K-W-S...you're nothing); KWS member taking on 2 taggers:

Murs "3:16":

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