Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Asher Roth & Charles Hamilton's message for rappers."There should be presidential term limits for rappers not pushing the bar"


First, this is not Charles Hamilton week on Ovaground SounDZ...

I DO seem to be blogging alot about Charles in the last few days but hey...with all that is going on, he's pushing the bar and some buttons of these other rap guys. I can respect that...and it makes for BETTER blogging on my behalf.

I PERSONALLY deaded the low-key Soulja Boy beef...so on to new things....like Hip-Hop music, blogging and stuff like that. It's more to come this week going into the last few of the year...(it's almost '09 ya'll)


Check out Charles Hamilton and Asher Roth in New York speaking on rappers in general:

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