Thursday, December 11, 2008

DJ Don Cannon Leaves The Aphilliates


This week is not going too well. This is NOT cool. I don't know what personally happened between Dj Don Cannon and The Aphilliates but this must be a very big void in the camp for this to take place. And I just spoke to Cannon's brother a few months ago about a this is BIG.

I know that they still have the racketeering case still pending over there.

Something isn't adding up.

Does it have something to do with money? Egos? Does it have something to do with Young Jeezy saying "Fuck Dj Drama!"? Or the recent CTE/ Aphilliates brawl at the Dirty Awards?

Just read and judge for yourself because you know some more things are going to be released soon.



December 10, 2008 | Omar Burgess

After working with the Aphilliates on an official album and countless mixtapes, DJ Don Cannon confirmed he left Aphilliates Music Group via press release yesterday. Cannon will now be managed by Disturbing Tha Peace co-founders Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon.

"The split is merely a business and creative difference, musically, nothing to do with the personal relationship. We are on good terms, and speak often," Cannon stated.

The press release also states Cannon and AMG officially parted ways back in January "due to business and creative differences for the vision of Cannon Music, LLC." In addition to the trademark "Cannon” drop found on many of his tracks, Cannon’s production work includes "Everybody Hates Chris" by Ludacris, "Go Crazy" by Young Jeezy and 50 Cent’s "Man Down." Together, Cannon and DJ Drama created critically acclaimed mixtapes such as Lil Wayne’s Dedication series, T.I. and P$C “Meet in the Streets” and Young Jeezy's "Trap or Die".

Cannon did the majority of his work behind the scenes as a co-CEO of Aphilliates Music Group. His name made headlines in 2007 when he and DJ Drama were arrested on charges of bootlegging and racketeering for making industry sanctioned mixtapes. Since then, Cannon has done production and engineering work on dozens of albums. He was also named Mixtape Producer of the Year at the 11th Annual Mixtape Awards in May 2008.

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